• It seems that the Alan Moore project featuring Mike Patton will after all see the light of day. According to Pitchfork, Unearthing, a box set centred around audio of Moore reading a story with a score by a crew of top music figures including Patton will be released on 5 July in the UK and 6 July in the US. You can already pre-order the attractive box set here.
  • In more immediate Patton news, Stubbadub have rounded up all Mondo Cane European tour dates. I’l be seeing him in Lucerne.
  • New Mike Mondo Cane interview from Exclaim in Canada. Sample quote: “The music directs the emotion. It is so expressive and beautiful; so different than the drivel that is considered pop in the U.S.”
  • More Mondo Cane. Reviews (thanks to Firsa in comments for the first one up) from:
    Right Where You are Sitting Now – “A perfect summer pop record”
    The Skinny – “Mondo Cane is a rare achievement – an adventurous reinterpretation of timeless oldies which will no doubt serve as a rapturous soundtrack to the heady summer months.”
    Frantikmag – “Mike’s vocals are completely and utterly earth shattering as usual. His voice is just one of a kind period. There’s really no other artist in this world that does what Mike Patton does and this record is proof of Mike’s beautiful mind at work.”
    The Music Fix – “Fans of his previous work will be delighted that yet another musical change of direction has yielded such a compelling and exciting album.”
    LA Music Blog – “While the overall concept seemed somewhat capricious at first, the reworked Italian classics offer Patton’s most accessible material to date.”
  • There’s also a  Soundcloud stream of the album (thanks also to Firsa). Buy the album here and elsewhere.
  • Mike has also been out and about in the past week. Riding the Zamboni (ice-resurfacing machine Wikpedia informs) at the San Jose Sharks, according to his Facebook:
  • Dan’s Faith No More blog has a nice retrospective on the 20th anniversary of the recording of Live at Brixton. Dan also has some nice full streaming video concert footage here.
  • Rey emailed me with this bizarre video clip from the popular King of Fighters 94 arcade game which seemingly features a blatant rip-off of Surprise?You’re Dead on the soundtrack. Great find.