The Skinny have just droopped an intriguing and mostly Mondo Cane themed interview with Mike Patton. And he opens the Pandora’s box of what Faith No More’s plans might be:

Has the recent Faith No More reunion given you a fresh appreciation and perspective of what that band achieved in its original existence?
“Yeah, I would say a little bit. Maybe more so that it’s something we should feel collectively proud of, and really not hold any personal grudges about. I don’t think we’ve ever been happier playing this stuff or closer as people. It’s interesting to see how time treats situations like that.”

Do you see a future for the band beyond these shows, given that the chemistry and demand is still there?
“You know, it’s very tempting to want to say yes, and that would probably be the correct answer. But right now, we’re more concerned with doing what we set out to do, which was a limited run and keep it special. Keep it without obligation whatsoever. Show up and play. I think that is one of the things which has improved our moods and really, it’s been about music; no promotion, no videos, no extraneous adventures. I would venture a guess that this is going to be it, but hey – this is what our focus is now – once this is all over, maybe we’ll sit around, have a laugh and talk about the future. But right now I think it’s way too early to say.”

The Skinny guys have really outdone themselves. Here’s an accompanying interview in which Mike gets quizzed by “collaborators, friends and fans from music communities far and wide”. Revealing.