I’ve decided to out all these in the one post – but I will add them into the individual show posts as well.

Williamsburg Waterfront 2 July
Rolling Stone: “With smiles all around and enthusiastic performances, the night ended with the attitude that as far as reunions go, this one seems pretty damn sincere.”
New York Press: “The band played ferociously until the end as if 12-plus years never passed, slowing down the pace with a take on the Commodores’ “Easy.” “Again, you’re looking in the wrong direction,” said Patton, staring at the red, white and blue Empire State Building.”

Mann Center, Philadelphia 3 July
Philadelphia City Paper: “Something felt unfulfilled. The energy was high, but goddamn, this is Faith No More. Then, in the midst of “Epic,” when Patton is standing with his perfect posture and his stone glare on the audience, it hits you: goddamn, this is Faith No More, after 12 years, and that itself is theatrical enough.”
Philadelphia Inquirer: “They were at their best when their mutant-metal eclecticism gave way to more focused explorations: The soulful “Evidence” and piano-pop cover of the Commodores’ “Easy” were the night’s highlights, and made the pile-driving riffs and Patton’s black-metal growl all the more effective when they returned.”

Williamsburg Waterfront 5 July
MTV: “There may have been some gray patches in the goatees and some awfully worn T-shirts in the audience, but Patton — and more importantly, his band’s approach to hard rock — remains shockingly timeless.”
Village Voice: “The show is loud, precise, surprising, and surprisingly great. They open with a Peaches & Herb cover and then play some thrash with a prominent synth-string line. There are moments of easy listening and intense dissonance, deep soul and Vegas schlock. They can’t keep themselves from indulging in big, glorious, and anthemic moments, but Patton’s quasi-operatic tenor always sounds like it’s about to crack up into laughter.”

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