A suitable end to a great show.

Caralho Voador dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo.

The band really appreciate this knowledgable audience. So they’re back for more.

We’re going to have a second encore.

Chariots, Stripsearch and some Patton Portuguese Puffy baiting – in jest. And Surprise its Surprise!

Ouch. Mike P lands on back during back flip. Encore to come

As someone who still struggles with French after 10 years in Switzerland, I’m really impressed by Patton’s Portuguese. Just a Man.

Epic. And there is no doubt that the band still love playing their biggest hit.

He’s still there for KFAD!! Controlled performance when he returns to stage.

Patton goes way into the crowd – 20 rows – for Ben.

How is it looking on TV? Ashes to Ashes is a real crowd favourite now.

Mad moshing, diving and surfing to Gentle…Can see the steam rising from the pit.

The crowd’s chorus comeback for Midlife is the loudest I’ve heard so far. Sir Duke now a staple itvseems.

Jon dispenses with the jacket during the guitar change for Easy.

Cuckoo for Caca. Violent mosh pit front of stage. The energy is infectious.

That was mesmerising from Patton; writhing on the floor of the stage lile a coiled cobra.

Opening chords of Last Cup of Sorrow rapturously received. Enthusiastic, appreciative audience here.

As the Worm Turns.

Chants of Ole, Ole from the audience as we get the Portuguese version of Evidence.

The Real Thing now fourth up for a change. Puffy’s drums getting running repairs. Up close the energy onstage is incredible. A band at the peak of their powers.

Started with Midnight and From Out of Nowhere. Now Be Aggressive. Jackets off for Mike and Bill.

And they’re on their way.

Huge crowd here and they are demanding FNM. Should be on stage soon.

Surprisingly cool here. Seems FNM may be live on TV. As usual the Patton Community in Chile have the scoop. Check this url:
AHORA después de Kasabian, Faith No More en VIVO! podrán verlos ACA ! http://bit.ly/cM9Ukc

Have now arrived on site. Can here Flo and her Machine in distance. The queue for guest list is a mile long. It is going to rain; FNM 2.0 is wearing a t-shirt. It has been 35C and sunny all week.

So its turns out that my WP blog and Twitter Tools, Live Blog etc are as compatible as Mel Gibson and any woman, so I’m just going to add snippets here and also Tweet which you will see in the sidebar ➔➔➔➔➔➔➔

I’ve already missed Biffy Clyro but off to enjoy the rest of the festival.