• Mike Patton gives a very good interview to new British online publication The Stool Pigeon. No Faith No More news but still entertaining. More on The Stool Pigeon.
  • Via Patton Archivo, the whole of Mike Patton – “Luciano Berio: Laborintus II on Vimeo.
  • Don’t wave flags at Faith No More concerts.
  • Preview of Mondo Cane in Moscow: “In Moscow, the orchestra Globalis is to play with Patton, while the “Trololo Man” Eduard Khil is to appear on stage as a special guest.” Firsa in comments suggests this might have something to do with this.

    (via Patton’s Facebook)
  • Lusty and Faith No More backstage in Finland including this pic of the band checking out this here blog.
  • More expert comment and great photos on Mondo Cane in Wroclaw and Milan from Kika’s blog.