• Mike Patton guested on the first night of the John Zorn: Bay Area Connection last night at Yoshi’s in San Francisco.  Full details of Friday and Saturday shows. Review and video if and when they appear. Pre-show Zorn interview from the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • vithovenstyle has uploaded this fantastic quality version of Faith No More’s iconic appearance on British late night “yoof TV” show The Word from 1993 in tribute to Donna.
    I may actually have watched this show at the time but somehow never remembered Bill’s bumblebee costume.
    Bill Gould below:
  • From the same source, shiny, sweaty Mike and the band do Technotronic and Chinese Arithmetic in Milan in 1990.
  • Finnish death metal band Medicated have a song called Faith No More on their new EP Ways to Make You Fall. Not sure if it has anything to do with the band but here goes:
  • Roddy and Bill interviewed on Dutch TV in 1990 and live Epic performance at Parkpop.