Faith No More will play the final show of their reunion tour in Santiago, Chile on 5 December.
More details have emerged with both Bill and Roddy doing interviews in the Chilean media, while Puffy is slated to give an interview on Chilean radio station Sonar FM on Sunday at 17:00 local time.

Bill tells La Tercera: “Yes, this is definitely the last show of the tour and we’ll visit the one country in South America. It will be very cool, very big. It’s our best finish, with nothing negative, no fights and cancellations. Then everyone will continue with their projects.”
Bill also speaks of his plans for a party in Chile, that the concert will be the greatest of their lives and that they will record a DVD or CD.

Bill also speaks in the last paragraph about his thoughts on the pros and cons of a new album. Here is the original Spanish quote, if anyone want to offer a proper translation that would be much appreciated because I don’t understand my Google-translate comprehension on such a delicate matter: “Nunca pensamos en hacer un nuevo álbum, porque originalmente sólo queríamos tocar. Pero en mi opinión, grabar un álbum era una gran idea”, relata. Luego acota: “En este reencuentro, siempre la relación entre todos fue muy buena, porque nos conocemos bien. Pero tenemos a momentos una relación bastante complicada, aunque diría que, como trabajamos juntos, todo termina pasándose y resulta algo positivo. Es muy extraño volver tras una década”.

Roddy is more emphatic about the future of the band after the show in his interview with Terra: “Terra: After this show are there any plans to do anything in the future? Roddy: No.” He reveals that an Imperial Teen album is imminent and that he will work on music for television and films. In a similar vein, the Tercera article reveals that Bill wil continue with Kool Arrow as well making music for a Macedonian animated film.

Meanwhile, tickets for the show on sale on 12 October from Punto Ticket.

Thanks to 3d-alex and Praxia for alerting me to the interviews and apologies if anything gets lost in translation.