Matt Wallace pops up in the Gearslutz forum to give some great insights into the Angel Dust recording process. Matt, of course, was the producer behind Angel Dust as well as The Real Thing, Introduce Yourself and We Care a Lot.
Here is an extract from his post:
“To answer some of your questions, Jim Martin did not like the direction of AD and referred to it as “gay disco music” and that, coupled with his father dying just prior to making the record, the big booted fella who was supposed to bring the 6 string sludge to the table was unable. Bill Gould, the bass player, and I did many demos at his home (based upon live studio recordings of the primary players, Bordin on drums, Bottum on keys, and Gould on bass) and he and I worked out many of the guitar parts. I can’t remember exactly but I believe that Bill played on about 60-70% of the guitars. The band were really at odds at this point. Patton, Gould, Bottum, and Bordin and I would track the stuff and then they would leave. Martin would come in after they had left and play guitar. The following day the band would come in to listen to what Jim had recorded and were furious! This lead to many, many heated phone conversations between the band (Bill especially) and Jim Martin.”

Cheers to Integra for this find and also for tracing this Studio Expresso video interview with Matt.