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2710, 2010

Slash and Mike Patton rumours

October 27th, 2010|Faith No More, News|39 Comments

Slash’s tweet the other day about Mike Patton only served to increase rather than dampen rumours that the Faith No More singer might take up the vacant Velvet Revolver front man spot.

Much as I would like to see some sort of collaboration between Slash and Mike at some stage (i.e after a new Faith No More album!), I really don’t see this happening. Why? Check out this interview with Mike from 2003 [actually an unpublished interview with a bunglefever forumite].
Here’s the relevant quotes:

Tell me about being approached by ‘The Project’?
Mike Patton: “Sorry?

The new band Slash and the other ex-Guns’N’Roses guys are putting together.
Mike Patton: “Did you just call it ‘The Project’?

That’s what they are calling it.
Mike Patton: “HAHAHAHA. That’s hilarious. It sounds much better than I’m sure it is. Er, well, I wasn’t really approached. I just got a phonecall from an ex-manager asking if I would be interested. Well, I wasn’t and that was about it. Not very exciting.

Why weren’t you interested?
Mike Patton: “Why do you think? You know. I think everyone else knows too, except them. Which is the funny part.

I hear they are now doing stuff with Scott Weiland.
Mike Patton: “I thought he was dead.

No, he’s alive. He’s just been arrested for cocaine possession again.
Mike Patton: “OK. Well this band will kill him off and do the world a favour. “

2510, 2010

SEVENTH Faith No More hits compilation released

October 25th, 2010|Faith No More, News|24 Comments

Music Club Deluxe, the “outstanding mid-priced 2CD single artist range” division of Demon Music Group, has just released the 31-track Midlife Crisis: The Very Best of Faith No More.
The album can be picked up at Amazon.

Music Week’s blurb about the release says: “Faith No More racked up a string of hits before splitting in 1998, returning to play some dates last year. They may yet return to recording, but in the meantime this excellent retrospective does fine. Anthologising their 12 hits and 27 additional tracks (some live) on a two-disc set with a playing time well in excess of two hours, this vividly illustrates the band’s prowess and humour. Highlights include hard-hitting, rap/rock hybrids such as Epic and the anthemic We Care A Lot, the more thoughtful Stripsearch and full-throttle metal of Digging The Grave. Their biggest – and doubtless tongue-in-cheek hit – is a remake of Lionel Richie’s Easy, which showed a more melodic side to the band.”

The full track-listing is:
CD 1
1 We Care A Lot
2 From Out Of Nowhere
3 Epic
4 Falling To Pieces
5 Midlife Crisis
6 Easy
7 Digging The Grave
8 Stripsearch
9 The Real Thing
10 The World Is Ours
11 Hippie Jam Song
12 Instrumental
13 Highway Star
14 Sweet Emotion
15 Arabian Disco
16 War Pigs
17 The Morning After
18 As The Worm Turns

CD 2

1 Everything’s Ruined
2 A Small Victory
3 Evidence
4 I Started A Joke
5 Last Cup Of Sorrow
6 Ashes To Ashes
7 Ricochet
8 This Guy’s In Love With You
9 R ’N’ R
10 Kindergarten
11 Caffeine
12 Land Of Sunshine
13 Theme From Midnight Cowboy
14 Light Up And Let Go
15 I Won’t Forget You
16 Underwater Love
17 Spanish Eyes (From ‘Fool For A Day’ Collector’s 7 Inch Single Box Set)
18 Big Kahuna (Bonus Track From Japanese Version Of ‘Album Of The Year’)
19 Introduce Yourself (4 Track Demo Version)
20 Absolute Zero (Japanese-Only ‘Bonus’ Track)
21 The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies

Makes this April Fools story look, well, a little foolish.

(Thanks to benlmitchell on Twitter for the heads-up)

2510, 2010

Links for a day…(vol. 79)

October 25th, 2010|Faith No More, Links for a day|4 Comments

  • TV ad for final Second Coming show in Chile (via Patton Archivo)
  • New Faith No More Second Coming photo site has launched. Check out for a unique view of the reunion tour.
  • Mike Patton asked about Madonna at 1990 MTV VMAs. (via Integra)
  • And FNM do Epic from the same show:
  • German discopunk outfit Planetakis have a song called Mike Patton (and a remix of the same song called No Faith No More). (Via Ti Mort). Listen to the track. Buy the album.
2110, 2010

Faith No More add opening act to Chile show; possible telethon appearance

October 21st, 2010|Faith No More, News|8 Comments

La Tercera reports that eclectic Chilean rock fusion jazz band Fulano will now open Faith No More’s final Second Coming tour date in Chile on 5  December. Primus are also on the bill for the Bicentenario de La Florida gig.

The same paper also reports that plans are afoot for Faith No More to play some part in the annual Teletón, which takes place on 4 December. The annual 27-hour fund-raising event has raised over $300,000,000 for charity since 1978.

1910, 2010

Links for a day…(vol. 78)

October 19th, 2010|Faith No More, Links for a day|11 Comments

  • Faith No More have sold 12,000 tickets so far for their final Second Coming tour show in Santiago, Chile on 5 December. More details here.
  • The Faith No More fan interview with Spanish subtitles:
  • The triple gate-fold die-cut on 180gram vinyl version of Mondo Cane can now be pre-ordered.
  • Faith No More do Ashes to Ashes on UK TV Channel 4 show TFI Friday in 1996:
  • Slow. News. Week.
1210, 2010

New offers available in international store

October 12th, 2010|Faith No More, News|18 Comments

The  new vintage style Angel Dust t-shirt is now available in the international Faith No More store.

There is also a 2 for £14 sale on the older t-shirts.

I can highly recommend the new items in the store especially the red hoodie, as the new apparel is very high quality and high on details.
(Full disclosure: the nice people at the store have sent me a few samples but I wouldn’t be recommending them if I didn’t think they were top notch).

1110, 2010

Faith No More in Chile ticket details

October 11th, 2010|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|23 Comments

Tickets for Faith No More’s final Second Coming tour date in Santiago, Chile on 5 December go on sale tomorrow, 12 October. Prices will range from $18 to $54 for the show, which will feature Primus as support.

Tickets on sale from

More details:

910, 2010

Faith No More musical update

October 9th, 2010|Faith No More, News|8 Comments

The nice people behind the proposed Faith No More musical have sent us an update:

Hey there
Thank to everyone for their overwhelming repsonse on Epic- The Rock Story.
I will give you a bit of a heads up since I am one of the producers

Its set in 1995, about a band with 4 members who are stuggling to make it in the industry and shows their interpretation through each character, the highs, the lows and all the madness inbetween.

To answer some questions as I am sure you all have I am happy to:

1. It is one night only at the moment in Melbourne as the 3 producers wanted to see how it would fair out in our hometown first as its a pretty new concept, but if we get interstate interest we are more than happy to explore that.

2. And the songs we have selected are Faith No More songs, and its not for profit or money making purposes, our main reason for this project as we saw how happy the reunion has made so many people that myself I went to both Melbourne performances, and also flew to see the 2 New York Shows from Melbourne and we think this is a show you will all enjoy as well.

3. We want your opinion on songs that you’d love to hear, we have 26 songs in the show and some that you will be surprised at, but auditions in Melbourne for male vocalist and a female vocalist on Saturday 23rd October there are still a few places available if anyone is interested in auditioning please
email [email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you all and hope to see you at the show hopefully shows!!!!

810, 2010

Bill Gould interview breaks US Faith No More media silence

October 8th, 2010|News|38 Comments

Friend of the site Lusty has snagged the only US media Faith No More interview for Consequence of Sound. Her wide-ranging interview with Bill Gould was published earlier today.

Here are a few salient extracts:
On performing again:
““I personally can’t see us not doing anymore shows again, I just don’t see it. There’s no point in not to do it. Why quit now? I think it’s just this tour…we did this tour and that’s what we decided to do. And we did it. We accomplished this goal, it worked out for all of us, and then we look at each other and say, ‘hey what do you want to do now?’ And I think that’s how it’s got to be.”

On a new album:
“Everything is great for doing it and if we did it, it’s going to be great. It’s going to be because this is the best energy ever. And people have done a lot of other things since then that could bring a lot more to it than before. But that’s my take on it. I’ve got to let it go with that because if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to happen.”

610, 2010

Links for a day…(vol. 77)

October 6th, 2010|Links for a day|13 Comments

  • We mentioned previously that Faith No More were eligible for the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame this year but the band have not made it onto the list of nominees. PopMatters had FNM on their list of potential nominees.
  • Our own Lusty’s review of the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival has just landed at Consequence of Sound. Sample quote: “I think Patton said it best by announcing they were going to “put the ass back in bluegrass” and did they fucking ever. The entire set with tight and rolling with a cacophony of classical music and rock riffs. Whether he was hitting all the soaring notes in the iconic and soulful “Ore D’Amore” or crooning to the joyous and retro-tinged “Deep Down”, Patton was making sure the auditory blend of styles was hitting you like a sledgehammer.”
  • Mike Patton in Quietus talks about his favourite Miles Davis album. (via Patton Archivo)
  • Patton covers Life on Mars (via Gezarie)
  • Bill’s Kool Arrow label has a new release, Flattbush with Otomatik Attak.
  • FNM interview (Bill, Puffy and Dean Menta and not “Trey Spewage”) on MTV in South America in 1995.
  • Random find on Facebook. Patton as part of the Metal Gods series by artist Gengiskhan:
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