Faith No More’s US goodbye, for now at least, at the Hollywood Palladium this week may not have rocked the mainstream media but it did attract a lot of local media and specialist music media interest.

Leading our review round-up is “our own” Wanderlusting aka Karina Halle in Consequence of Sound, capturing the fin de siècle fever of the occasion.
Sample quote: “No wonder then that when Patton was crowd-surfing, the audience literally would not let him go, no matter how hard he was screaming and kicking. They were like a crowd of starving zombies, wanting more than he could give ever them. I didn’t blame them – no one here wanted to say goodbye. Maybe we could just keep him for one more night.”

OC Register: “Faith No More powerful at the Palladium”
Sample quote: “A stellar “Everything’s Ruined,” during which Jon Hudson really proved his mettle with distorted guitar sounds, and “Helpless,” replete with Patton’s crazy whistling and yelping, made their tour debuts here. Danny DeVito even danced across the stage at one point.”

Artistdirect: Faith No More – The Palladium – Hollywood
Sample quote: “Even with such a transcendent conclusion, “Helpless” still sticks out in this writer’s mind. Patton chanted “Help” over and over again upon the song’s finale, but it’s ironic. Faith No More don’t need any help from anyone. They changed the face of music forever for the better. They started a revolution that led to the formation of countless bands and another life for hard rock. They started it on their own terms, and they’ll end it that way as well.”

Brooklyn Vegan: Faith No More played 2 LA shows (pics, video, setlists), say they ‘will not exist after tonight’

Mxdwn – It’s It – Faith No More Live at the Palladium
Sample quote: “As a rock-and-roll band they never stopped redrawing the boundaries of what we consider “rock” or what they wanted it to be. They kept following that impulse, to reach beyond what was possible, what they couldn’t have. The results are without question. They are quite possibly the greatest rock group of our generation. The only bad thing? That they seem to be going their separate ways again.”

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