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3101, 2011

John Barry RIP

January 31st, 2011|News|11 Comments

Midnight Cowboy composer John Barry has died at the age of 77.

3001, 2011

Links for a day…(vol. 76)

January 30th, 2011|Links for a day|18 Comments

  • Thanks to Michael on email for finding this gem. Lionel Richie speaks to Australian radio station 2ue on Faith No More’s cover of Easy. (3.25 in)
    Lionel Richie audio
  • Another Epic mash-up – this time with Deadmau5
  • Chilean news story on the travels of the Faith No More Teleton award
2601, 2011

Links for a day…(vol. 75)

January 26th, 2011|Links for a day, Uncategorized|34 Comments

  • Happy birthday Mike Patton. The Faith No More front man turns 43 today 27 January. Best wishes Mike as we look forward to some new Patton music in 2011.
    Rewind to our tributes from last year parts one and two.
  • We can confirm after checking with the band that the rumour that Faith No More are due to return to play the BBK Live festival in Bilbao again this summer is definitely not true. I’ve also managed to track down how the rumour started – a cautionary tale of Chinese whispers in the multilingual interconnected 21st century. Step 1) The Barcelona Reporter site reports that Coldplay are to play the festival and mentions that Pearl Jam, Depeche Mode, Primal Scream and Faith No More have previously played the festival. Step 2) Influential French blogger and radio presenter Zegut mistakenly reports that this quartet may be playing in 2011. Step 3) French music site L’esprit Rock reports on Twitter than Pearl Jam and FNM will be playing Bilbao. Step 4) Zegut’s post is updated minus the FNM and other band mentions.
  • As mentioned last time out, the Faith No More international store has new products and they tell me that they will be adding more t-shirts shortly.
  • As a lot of you will be aware from comments, there is a new FNM forum up and active.
  • Mike Patton’s Adult Themes for Voice is featured in an AV club piece on unconventional recording spaces. Sample quote: “The hotel room isn’t the rarest of recording settings, but Mike Patton put his own inimitably warped twist on the tradition during Faith No More’s 1995 world tour. While the rest of the band went out cavorting through a cornucopia of bona fide exotic locales—Sao Paolo, Tel Aviv, Vienna, Wollongong, and um, Jacksonville—Patton hunkered down with a TASCAM 4-Track Portastudio, a Gideon’s Bible, and an endlessly identical splay of hideous furnishings, creating his own unusual atmosphere using only one instrument: his voice.”
2001, 2011

Links for a day…(vol.74)

January 20th, 2011|Faith No More, Links for a day|57 Comments

I promise no mentions of Anthony Kiedis, Coachella or anyone’s mum.

  • New items in the FNM international store. I had this Introduce Yourself tee back in the day and will have to get this one too…

    And of course a phone case:
  • And even more belatedly, FNM’s awesome Chile and LA photos are up on

  • Some dodgy Faith No More covers have recently been posted to YouTube. Culled from the- let’s put this politely – underwhelming 2002 tribute album Tribute of theYear.

  • Some ancient FNM posters from 80s San Francisco (where I’ll be in March – San Francisco not the 80s) have been uploaded to Facebook for your viewing pleasure:

    Copyright Jay Alexander Facebook

    Faith No More making of A Small Victory – “we wanted this video to look like a perfume commercial”. (via Josh on Twitter)

  • FNM at a Norwegian festival in 1995
901, 2011

Links for a day…(vol. 73)

January 9th, 2011|Links for a day|65 Comments

  • There’s a DVD out of my favourite FNM show of 2010 – their Optimus Alive show in Lisbon. Not sure how official this is but it looks professional. (via Firsa on comments)
  • On the same subject, (via Ana) Faith No More at Optimus voted Portugal’s concert of 2010 by Blitz magazine.
  • Faith No More Los Angeles second night poster now on sale from Secret Serpents.
  • More HD video form the Hollywood Palladium from joepagejr
  • My mate Brian alerted me to this fan video for Crack Hitler.
901, 2011

The long-awaited Integra video vault

January 9th, 2011|Video vault|13 Comments

Integra found all these gems and added them in comment so we’ll belatedly kick off a new Faith No More year with these beauties.

The classic FNM mix it up – I had not seen this before

FNM on Headbangers Ball from 1990

Patton spits-

Zombie Eater

Unfortunately some others he posted are now unavailable after the account was shut down.

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