I promise no mentions of Anthony Kiedis, Coachella or anyone’s mum.

  • New items in the FNM international store. I had this Introduce Yourself tee back in the day and will have to get this one too…

    And of course a phone case:
  • And even more belatedly, FNM’s awesome Chile and LA photos are up on fnm.com:

  • Some dodgy Faith No More covers have recently been posted to YouTube. Culled from the- let’s put this politely – underwhelming 2002 tribute album Tribute of theYear.

  • Some ancient FNM posters from 80s San Francisco (where I’ll be in March – San Francisco not the 80s) have been uploaded to Facebook for your viewing pleasure:

    Copyright Jay Alexander Facebook

    Faith No More making of A Small Victory – “we wanted this video to look like a perfume commercial”. (via Josh on Twitter)

  • FNM at a Norwegian festival in 1995