Regular commenter Wanderlusting AKA Karina Halle’s extensive interview with Ipecac Records co-founder Greg Werckman has just been published by American Noise. The interview is really worth digesting in its entirety not least for its insight into the modern record industry especially at genuine independent level.

Here are a few choice cuts from Greg:

Patton projects:
He’s in the early stages of working on some new Tomahawk music and some new Fantômas music, more Mondo Cane—he’s literally working on six or seven records right now. He’s also got this project (that we’re not putting out) called Nevermen, that’s coming out on Lex Records. It’s with Tunde from TV on the Radio and Dose One from the Anticon world. It’s just going to be three vocalists. It’s just a weird, kind of cool record.

On the Faith No More reunion:
It was a really cool thing and he was really happy he did and had a lot of fun doing it. And the fans were really into it, too. It was a good thing.