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3105, 2011

New Bill Gould interview on Tangra Mega Rock

May 31st, 2011|Faith No More, News|55 Comments

The website of Bulgarian radio station Radio Tangra features a great interview with Faith No More bassist Bill Gould on the release of his Talking Book album.

Read the extensive interview in full here.

Bill also talks about the Faith No More reunion:
“I was just hoping that we could focus and actually do a good job and I think the way it worked out it was much much better than I would have expected. I would say it kind of….hmm, let me think. I would say it was just a really positive thing. As far as doing it again, I would love to. I think that if we’re gonna keep playing though, there’s a certain point where you have to bring something alive, bring something new. And it has to be a creative experience.
“It was great playing the old songs and getting back together as people, but I think we have to take it somewhere forward if we were gonna do it again.”

Thanks to caralho.voador in Comments for bringing this to my attention.

Download/pick up The Talking Book here

2505, 2011

Get your copy of The Talking Book now

May 25th, 2011|Faith No More, News|4 Comments

The first (almost) solo album from Bill Gould, The Talking Book – with Jared Blum – is now available from all good record stores – and quite a lot of bad ones – and online digital emporiums.

Get it from:
Amazon – only 2 left in stock!!

2305, 2011

Faith No More Links for a day…(vol. 93)

May 23rd, 2011|Faith No More, Links for a day|1 Comment

  • On the eve of the release of Bill Gould/Jared Blum’s Talking Book, here is video from their GAMH show in San Francisco last week.
  • The album is out on 24 May – check out the Koolarrow page.
  • Best Faith No More sample usage ever? Trouble in My Soul from Mexican Budweiser featuring a Stripsearch sample. (Via Holy Filament on Facebook)
    The track features Artwork Jamal, the one and only Bill Gould and Ulises Lozano.
  • Patton Archivo are reporting that a new Tomahawk album looks likely later this year.
  • Lusty’s Pivixki/Patton review on Gadfly. And I think she spoke for us all with this: “Whether you want to call it noise music, experimental jazz or classic metal, Pivixki/Patton (and The Talking Book) delivered, winning over new fans. Hopefully the next time these guys play a show together, the names on the marquee won’t seem so obscure.”
  • Start of Life Crisis. Kid on YouTube watched Faith No More Midlife Crisis on YouTube.
  • Faith No More open for Billy Idol in 1990 at the Concord Pavilion.
  • The Crab Song in Brazil in 1991
  • In tribute to Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday, here is Mike Patton with Jamie Saft and Ballad of a Thin Man


2005, 2011

Links for a day…(vol. 92)

May 20th, 2011|Faith No More, Links for a day|10 Comments

  • First video of the Patton/Pivixki show in San Francisco on Wednesday. No sign of any Billy video or reviews yet.
  • I was listening to BBC 6 Music the other day when a listener wrote in insisting they’d seen a reformed Faith No More last weekend supporting a Guns N’Roses tribute act Guns 2 Roses last weekend. Obviously, they were wrong – it was an FNM tribute act. You can listen to the clip here (via Thomas Greenway on Facebook):
    [fbvideo id=”10150258608601515″]
    And this is the act in question in action
  • Epic is now available on the Rock Prodigy iPhone and iPad guitar app.
  • Patton plays with fireworks – kids don’t do this at home
1805, 2011

New Bill Gould interview

May 18th, 2011|Faith No More|11 Comments

Faith No More bassist Bill Gould talks about his new record The Talking Book in this new video interview with Bay Area Rocks.

Remember Bill plays The Talking Book at the Great American Music Hall alongside Mike Patton/Pivixki.

And The Talking Book is released on 24 May.

1605, 2011

Links for a day…(vol. 91)

May 16th, 2011|Faith No More, Links for a day|4 Comments

  • Tickets are still available for Mike Patton/Pivixki plus Bill Gould/Jared Blum Talking Book at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on Wednesday night.
  • And Bill’s Talking Book is released on 24 May.
  • Another great find from fnm4everr, Faith No More in Seattle in 1986
  • And yet another Epic mash-up, also featuring Rage against the Machine, Limp Bizkit and Radiohead
  • Regular commenter Lusty has just had her debut novel posted and the trailer for The Darkhouse features music from Bill Gould’s Talking Book
  • Roddy, you are being watched


1005, 2011

Links for a day…(vol. 90)

May 10th, 2011|Faith No More, Links for a day|7 Comments

  • As the countdown continues to the 24 May launch of his Talking Book album (with Jared Blum) Bill Gould has been picking up a lot of airplay and publicity. Check this out from Irish national broadcaster RTE’s classic music radio station Lyric FM. Their Nova programme features two tracks from the album – Talking Book 1 and Sundown – and presenter Bernard Clarke is effusive in his praise. (The Talking Book chat and music starts 20 minutes in)
  • And not forgetting the Patton/Gould tag team event on 18 May in San Francisco. Tickets are still on sale it seems but alas the dinner and admission option is sold out. I quite fancied some Beer Can Chicken.
  • Baseballs/bebop style cover of Digging the Grave anyone? Interesting cover and literal video by The Sparteens, a band from the Basque couintry in France:
  • Aussie horse racing. Get your money on Faith No More!!
    The race was at Eagle Farm, Queensland on 4 May and Faith No More , ridden by Larry Cassidy and trained by Doug Duryea, won at decent odds.
  • Another Faith No More mash-up but no Epic this time:
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