The website of Bulgarian radio station Radio Tangra features a great interview with Faith No More bassist Bill Gould on the release of his Talking Book album.

Read the extensive interview in full here.

Bill also talks about the Faith No More reunion:
“I was just hoping that we could focus and actually do a good job and I think the way it worked out it was much much better than I would have expected. I would say it kind of….hmm, let me think. I would say it was just a really positive thing. As far as doing it again, I would love to. I think that if we’re gonna keep playing though, there’s a certain point where you have to bring something alive, bring something new. And it has to be a creative experience.
“It was great playing the old songs and getting back together as people, but I think we have to take it somewhere forward if we were gonna do it again.”

Thanks to caralho.voador in Comments for bringing this to my attention.

Download/pick up The Talking Book here