Got to say that the blog reanimation could not have been better timed; we have news oozing from every pore these days so here’s a relatively run-of-the-mill round-up.

  • Saying as it seems certain that FNM are back in Chile, here is a short interview with Mike Patton from Chilean blog/programme La Mierda en que Vivimos.
  • And a timely interview with veteran Northern Ireland noise merchants Therapy? in Ireland’s State magazine in which they recall an incident with Faith No More from a Sao Paolo show:
    “We went on a South American tour, and on one date there was a bloody bottle in the dressing room. Two cops were in the dressing room with us, and Faith No More had just come off stage. One of the band reached over and grabbed the cops gun from his holster. The whole room froze, and the two South American cops – it was in Sao Paulo – just looked at each other and burst out laughing. It could have gone horrendously wrong.”
  • Roddy has tweeted that he will be playing a DJ in an upcoming movie and wants name suggestions:

  • In Celebrity Cafe, the past two years have not happened.
  • I don’t think we featured this before – Machine Head’s cover of Jizzlobber. (Some context)
  • Faith No More and Soundgarden at the L’Amour in New York in 1990