A seemingly authentic Faith No More tour rider from their 2010 US tour briefly surfaced online.

Among the highlights are:

Under Cane:

We require 1 (one) Cane for Stage use by Mr. Patton. Find us something interesting.

Most likely it will not come back so make sure it is expendable…. meaning no rentals.

Under Band Dressing Room Rider:

1 X Monkey – preferably a lively one. Poo throwing is unacceptable, though poo eating is fine.
A selection of the crudest Adult Magazines you can lay your hands on, indulge your fantasies, the more perverted the better > this band only require the most depraved and perverted you can serve them. Please make half the selection “Gay” and go to Town.

A sampling of any local delicacies (alligator, crawfish, sliders, BBQ, promoter, etc…)

12 X Local Australian Meat Pies – Variety of meat, please have some Kangaroo meat included

Under Towels:

(along with the already revealed photo of a fluffy bunny)

The band & crew will require 3 dozen (36) pre-washed, large bath towels.

> These towels are to be delivered to Artist’s Production Office at load-in < NO BAR TOWELS ON ORDER OF DEATH Faith No More will require 2 dozen (24) pre-washed, medium sized black stage towels. These towels are to be delivered to Artist’s production office no later than 2:00 PM. Please have all towels pre washed, dry and fluffy*, just for us. (via yourmum in Comments)