Mike Patton performed seven songs at the Serge Gainsbourg tribute at the Hollywood Bowl last night.

Not much has yet surfaced in video and even most of the photos that have seem to have been taken from space.

Here is a distant snippet of Ford Mustang from royalghost on YouTube

And mxdwn have an extensive review. Sample quote: ” One of the strongest moments of the whole night not counting the evening’s epic finale (which we’ll get to in just a moment), found Mike Patton returning, taking Sean Lennon’s place and singing “Ford Mustang” with Muhl. That was stunning low and high octave interplay if there ever was such a thing. Hardcore Patton fans might remember that he covered this by himself on Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg way back in 1997. ”

Nice Patton pic from the LA Weekly

Stereogum also have some pics

And here is a Twitter pic that was posted by @spinnerpr

While Roddy was also there – and is pictured here with Zola Jesus – via his Twitter

More vids as we get them.