• The tireless Holy Filament have just posted a clip of a new Mike Patton interview with an Argentinean radio station. Mike’s Mondo Cane play Buenos Aires on 17 and 18 September and 21 September Santiago and 24 September in Rio.
  • No video or reviews have surfaced from Bill’s Talking Book concert on Sunday night but here is the latest review of the album from Bearded.
  • As tweeted and mentioned in comments, the announcement of a release date for Mike Patton’s The Solitude of Prime Numbers score has garnered quite a bit of publicity. Here is the SF Examiner’s take: “On Nov. 11, via his imprint Ipecac, he’ll be releasing a tribute of sorts, “Music From The Film And Inspired By The Book The Solitude Of Prime Numbers.”  He calls this cinematic album a real “sonic departure,” and he’s dutifully numbered the 16 tracks in perfect prime fashion — 3, 5, 7, and so on, up to 53.”
  • Noisecreep reveal the track listing:
    2. Twin Primes
    3. Identity Matrix
    5. Method of Infinite Descent
    7. Contrapositive
    11. Cicatrix
    13. Abscissa
    17. Isolated Primes
    19. Radius of Convergence
    23. Separatrix
    29. The Snow Angel
    31. Apnoea
    37. Supersingular Primes
    41. Quadratix
    43. Calculus of Finite Differences
    47. Zeroth
    53. Weight of Consequences
    The album is released through Ipecac on 1 November.