Without coming over too much like my compatriots Boner and Bob Geldof, it is good to give soemthingback and one of the greatest things about Faith No More is that they make an effort find out and get to know the places to visit.
Most via Bill on Twitter, here is some info on their SWU Festival experience.
Learn about KCAL [who shared the stage with FNM at the festival], the self-confessed “book trafficker.”

And here is more info on the the Coral da Gente (at the Instituto Baccarelli), who provided vocals on Just a Man.
Official site
Wikipedia in Portuguese
Facebook page
Just a Man with Coral da Gente and Faith No More

And not forgetting the SWU itself – which encourages sustainability

And why not watch the whole SWU show back again, courtesy of the inestimable Holy Filament