So we’re going to revisit the new/mysterious/unknown song again, along with estimated lyrics.
Here is the latest and best video version (via theholyfilament/SWU Festival)


When lonesome came over me
A future shadow
Her ghost stood there, sang to me
Farewell, so long

I’ll awake you
From this living sleep
We’ll walk the shore
Where you were born
And bedded me

Although I cheat for the things
March forward, my son
A battle beyond frozen hills
Only for doubters

We will rise from the killing floor
Like a matador

The stained glass
A bovine ass
Can see right through
Every truth-soaked lie

Letters will trace every step
Out of this world
With every date, every date

We will be where you will be no more
No more

The stained glass
Or the hangman’s ass
Would serve you well
Now we’re comin’ back

Out of the words
Of these ghosts
We’ll jump the gates
And left to rise, we will rise

We will rise from the killing floor
Like a matador

And the dead live
May the dead live
And the dead live
What more can we give?

May the dead live
May the dead live
And the dead live
The dead live…

(Thanks to maythedeadlive /orinar in Comments for deciphering most of these. I’ve added my own interpretation and lyrics in italics are the ones which I’m less sure of)

There are three schools of thought on this.

  1. It is a brand new song. The evidence here is that no one, even among the diehard audio collector element of FNM’s fanbase, has heard it before. In addition, the band has previously mentioned – not least in their fan interview with FNM French Community (on facebook), and ourselves last year – that they have little in the way of unreleased or unfinished tracks.
  2. It is an unreleased b-side from the King for a Day…era. The evidence here is the quote taken from Mike Patton’s interview with movieweb earlier this month: “We are doing a tune we’ve never done from that era. I guess that would be a B Side. I don’t know if we released that at all…I don’t know.”
    The counterargument to this is that the B-side in question is Absolute Zero, which the band played in Chile. And if it is from the KFAD era, why did then guitarist Trey Spruance not play on the track in Chile when he was on hand to play the full KFAD album. Kik Axe music editor James Zahn was among those to pick up on this.
  3. It is a song from a local band that the band and liked and translated the lyrics for and performed. Could be true but then why has no one noticed the familiar music and the only evidence so far are a few speculative blog comments and tweets.