• Put this in the unlikely fans corner. Rachel Unthank from English folk act The Unthanks reveals her love for The Real Thing in The Observer: “Faith No More in particular were really alive and vital; there was almost a violence to their music. It was exciting listening to them as it was so different to the music I grew up with.”
  • Faith No More live at the 1995 Monster of Rock in Brazil – full concert:
  • Another great from The Holy Filament on Vimeo – the whole of FNM’s concert at Bogarts in San Francisco in March 1989.
    Set list:
    1). Chinese Arithmetic
    – Epic
    – R N’ R
    2). Introduce Yourself
    3). The Real Thing
    4). Underwater Love
    5). From Out Of Nowhere
    6). The Crab Song
    7). Falling To Pieces
    8). As The Worm Turns
    9). Surprise! You’re Dead!
    10). Woodpecker From Mars
    11). We Care A Lot
    12). War Pigs
    This was for a long time believed to be Patton’s first gig but it seems that is not the case but it  is certainly one of the first.
  • Kid Koala speaks to mxdwn about new Lovage and Slew releases:
    We’ve heard rumors of a new Lovage album in the works. Is there any truth to that?
    There is. The beats are done and my turntables are done, but that’s about it at this point. Mike [Patton] is still writing, hasn’t recorded anything yet. I couldn’t put an exact date on it. Sometimes it goes quickly, but if he’s busy sometimes it doesn’t. But soon, hopefully. I always thought it would be cool to drop it on Valentines Day.
    Then you better get moving on it!

    (Laughs) Yeah, we only have a few months. I should call him now, actually!
    What about The Slew? New album in the works?

    Yes also, we’re recording it. Mike is recording vocals. Right now we’re setting up the skeletons for the tracks. We’re going through it all and finding bits that we dig and cutting it to vinyl, reassembling so it has turntable flavor but with that heavy rock thing going on as well. It’s slated for next year.”