• A little late to the party on this but Ipecac Records yesterday announced that Mike Patton has been selected by writer/director Derek Cianfrance to provide the score for forthcoming film/movie The Place Beyond The Pines.
    The film, which stars sex gods and goddesss Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes, is currently in post-production. The news has been widely reported including in the Los Angeles Times and Rock A Rolla.
  • The Ipecac statement also revealed that Mike Patton is working on the new Tomahawk album, with the band’s fourth release now slated for “a projected late summer release date”.
  • It is just about 23 years this week since Faith No More finished recording for their third album so no better time to revisit Metal Hammer‘s seminal “behind-the-music” style feature on the The Real Thing.
    Sample quote:
    “By this time, the band had written all of the music for The Real Thing; they’d even gone so far as to demo at least one track, New Improved Song (which would become The Morning After) with Chuck before firing him. All that was needed were Patton’s lyrics to complete the project.
    Faith No More returned to Studio D in Sausalito, California (where they’d worked on Introduce Yourself) during December 1988 to record the album. There are reports that the music was actually recorded before Patton had even joined the band, and that he went in later to do his vocals. But Bordin insists this isn’t true…”
  • Crack Hitler soundboard recording from 1993 live show