• Woefully late on this one – but Mike Patton will be teaming up with Trey Spruance’s Secret Chiefs 3 for a Traditionalists vinyl release of the Jacques Brel classic La Chanson de Jacky.
    More details from Web of Mimicry here where you can also buy the 7″ vinyl.
  • Via bungleweird, Shoot Me In site reports that Mondo Cane will be releasing a live DVD on Ipecac in the autumn (Fall).
    [tweet https://twitter.com/bungleweird/status/162147147532337152]
  • Meanwhile, another rave review of Mondo Cane in Sydney via Fasterlouder.
  • A missing-the-point somewhat review of Imperial Teen‘s Feel the Sound.
  • Faith No More at the Forum in London in 1995 in do Zombie and Gentle Art of Enemies