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3006, 2012

Faith No More at Begrade Calling videos

June 30th, 2012|Faith No More|29 Comments

Still recovering here after that very late on. God knows how the band are after a four-and-half-hour pst-show flight to Prem.
The first videos are coming in (I have a few which I’ll load up in next few days):

2906, 2012

Faith No More at Belgrade Calling

June 29th, 2012|Faith No More|29 Comments

Woodpecker from Mars
Midlife Crisis
Land of Sunshine
Last Cup of Sorrow
Digging the Grave
Everything’s Ruined
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
King for a Day…
Ashes to Ashes
Just A Man

New Song Matador

0150 Mike takes over camera during Just a Man.

0042: The stage is set. The band all in white.

0008: The Darkness have now finished their impressive set so the stage is now being dressed in white.

Technical hitches at the start of the day means things are running late here in Belgrade. The Darkness are still on stage so can’t see Faith No More being on until 0030 CET.

Battery running low but will update if I can.


2806, 2012

Faith No More at Volt setlist, video and more

June 28th, 2012|News|35 Comments

Gentle Art…

Midlife Crisis

We’ll update with videos and photos as they come in but here’s the set list via setlist fm:

Woodpecker From Mars
(Delilah’s Tom Jones Snippet)
From Out of Nowhere
Land of Sunshine
Last Cup of Sorrow
Digging the Grave
(Commodores cover)
Cuckoo for Caca
Everything’s Ruined
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes
Just a Man
(Dedicated to Mario Ballotelli)
Midlife Crisis
(C’est La Vie Snippet)
Why Do You Bother?
(First time played live since September 18, 1992)
Encore 2:

Photo via The Holy Filament


2806, 2012

Faith No More at Volt Festival video stream?

June 28th, 2012|News|54 Comments

The Volt Festival, which Faith No More headline tonight at 22.00 CET to kick off their European tour, is being streamed live here.
(Concert time corrected)

Streaming by Ustream

2706, 2012

Faith No More tweet of the week

June 27th, 2012|Faith No More, News|5 Comments

Perhaps the start of an occasional feature:



2706, 2012

Faith No More magazine interview scans

June 27th, 2012|Faith No More|1 Comment

I was going to include this in the Links for the Day just posted but I reckon it merits a post in its own right. Mark from No Crowdsurfing has posted a fascinating array of Faith No More-related magazine scans on his Flickr account.

We’ll be dipping into this goldmine from time to but here’s a RAW magazine interview with Mike Patton for starters (click for larger image):

2706, 2012

Faith No More Links for a day… (vol. 140)

June 27th, 2012|Faith No More, Links for a day|4 Comments

  • Promo video for Faith No More at the Volt Festival  the first show of the European tour
  • Volt has an official radio sponsor. Not sure if they are broadcasting live from the festival but worth checking out MR2 just in case.
  • And this blog seems to have the latest info from the festival.
  • Meanwhile, in other Hungarian news, Bill Gould will be recording with local band Angertea, according to Gun Shy Assassin.
  • The new Tomahawk record seems set for a January 2013 release according to an interview with Duane Denison in Rolling Stone.
    Sample quote: “The heavy stuff is as dark and heavy as anything we’ve ever done, but then there’s a lighter edge to it. There’s almost like this weird, upbeat [sound], what I call ‘heavy pop,’ and Patton totally got the vibe right away…[Patton likened it to] really heavy Beach Boys.”






2606, 2012

Faith No More Europe 2012: Sonisphere France set time

June 26th, 2012|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|2 Comments

An early info piece on this one because I saw a few questions on Facebook and Twitter. Faith No More are on stage at 23.30 CET on Saturday 7 July for this one – just after Marilyn Manson.

2606, 2012

Faith No More Europe 2012: Belgrade Calling set time and info

June 26th, 2012|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|0 Comments

I’ll be hitting this one myself on Friday 29 June and its a a great lineup for the third day of the Belgrade Calling Festival.

Faith No More go on stage at 23.30 after The Darkness and before a “exclusive after midnight show” from The Sisters of Mercy. With the Horrors also on the bill, expect plenty of darkness in the audience attire as well.

The venue is in a beautiful park near the centre of the city and again it does look like tickets are still available.

I’ll probably be live tweeting from this depending on connection but I’m looking into what audio and video if any will be available for this and Volt. More info later.

2606, 2012

Faith No More Europe 2012: Volt Festival set time and info

June 26th, 2012|News, Tour dates|3 Comments

Faith No More
kick off their European tour on Thursday 28 June at the Volt Festival in Hungary.

FNM take to the main stage at  22.00 CET after Simple Plan and before Chase and Status.

Tickets do still seem to be available here.

The venue is 201km from Budapest and here is your travel info.


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