• Promo video for Faith No More at the Volt Festival  the first show of the European tour
  • Volt has an official radio sponsor. Not sure if they are broadcasting live from the festival but worth checking out MR2 just in case.
  • And this blog seems to have the latest info from the festival.
  • Meanwhile, in other Hungarian news, Bill Gould will be recording with local band Angertea, according to Gun Shy Assassin.
  • The new Tomahawk record seems set for a January 2013 release according to an interview with Duane Denison in Rolling Stone.
    Sample quote: “The heavy stuff is as dark and heavy as anything we’ve ever done, but then there’s a lighter edge to it. There’s almost like this weird, upbeat [sound], what I call ‘heavy pop,’ and Patton totally got the vibe right away…[Patton likened it to] really heavy Beach Boys.”