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3107, 2012

Links for a day…(Vol. 144)

July 31st, 2012|Faith No More, Links for a day|24 Comments

  • Faith No More‘s pioneering of the Pussy Riot cause has received due accreditation in some international media, with both The Guardian and French TV station TF1 duly noting FNM’s role in kick-starting entertainment and media support for the Russian protest group.
    Sign the Amnesty International Pussy Riot petition here.
  • Tomahawk  – featuring Mike Patton – have announced more live dates and confirmed that their new album Oddfellows will be released in January 20123 on Ipecac. Meanwhile, Consequence of Sound reports, a Record Store Day single, “Waratorium” will serve as a taste of Oddfellows. It will be pressed on 7″ vinyl, backed by an original etching by famed cartoonist and comics scholar Ivan Brunetti, and will released on 23 November as part of RSD’s Black Friday Event. A digital release for “Waratorium” follows a week later.
  • And Faith No More bassist Bill Gould features on the forthcoming Nr. 4: Songs Exhaled album from Hungarian band Angertea. Blabbermouth reports that Bill provides guitar harmonies on album opener No Computation.
2507, 2012

Faith No More Links for day…(vol. 143)

July 25th, 2012|Faith No More, Links for a day|15 Comments


  • After that mega Patton post, it would be remiss of us to omit to mention Roddy’s Imperial Teen. Unfortunately, we’re too late to mention their two most recent shows in Portland and Denver. But Roddy and co have three more dates lined up:
    Aug 17
    Knitting Factory
    Brooklyn NY
    Sept 29
    Know Theatre
    1120 Jackson Street
    Cincinnati OH (Midpoint Music Festival)
    Oct 14
    Treasure Island Music Festival
    San Francisco, CA
    No footage from either gig has surfaced yet but here’s one short Denver fan verdict.
    And the band:
  • Here are some stunning and revealing interviews with Billy and Puffy from  – I think – Dutch radio show Toazted from 1997:
    [field name=iframe]

    And two more from 1995:
    [field name=iframe]

    Part 2
    [field name=iframe]

    Think these might be the other way around. Interesting point at the start on working on new material and some revealing insights throughout.
  • Meanwhile, reaction is still coming in on Faith No More‘s recent European jaunt. The Final Word have a note-perfect review of both London shows: “More than the band, tonight, I think the crowd are really rather keen. And that’s part of the rub : the audience often make the show. Tonight, if the audience are a vampire, the band are the transfusion. From the opening moments, to the final seconds of their cover of Jay-z & Kayne West’s “Niggaz In Paris”, Hammersmith is some kind of rampant, slightly overweight, slightly middle-aged, 5,000 strong orgy of jumping. “
  • And London indie zine Drowned in Sound have a fetching gallery from the Brixton show:

  • And here’s Bill with un peu de francais pur les gars et les filles at the Faith No More French Community

[field name=iframe]

  • And via faithnomoreblog, Tomahawk will play a Halloween show at the Granada Theater in Dallas on Wednesday 31 October. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased from
2507, 2012

Mike Patton’s Laborintus II views, links and reviews

July 25th, 2012|Faith No More, News|6 Comments

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Mike Patton’s Luciano Berio’s Laborintus II was released on 3 July and has been receiving positive reviews. The record is certainly a Dante-ing challenge for the casual listener  – an Amazon reviewer T. A. Daniel “Alex” accurately sums it up as “Experimental rock vocalist and pioneer Mike Patton has released an avant-garde poem from the 1960’s about the work of Inferno author Dante Alighieri that tries to communicate the authors life through allegories to the Bible, T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, and more” – but another wonderful showcase for Patton’s vision and vocals. I certainly wouldn’t listen to it on my own late at night but its scarily Satanic spoken word and chanting make for an otherwise compelling record even for non-jazz fans.

Online music bible Allmusic is effusive in it praise: “Presenting a piece of musical theater as a stand-alone work can be a bit difficult to grasp upon first listen; that said, it does reveal itself ultimately to be a very nearly dazzling endeavor that rewards patience mightily.”

Sputnik Music meanwhile states: “The vocals range from spoken word, to shrill soprano blasts. Between these two lies some often haunting moments, particularly during the first half of the introductory part. Silence is greatly used here, as it can be used as a wonderful tool to build tension. ”

PopMatters provides a hugely insightful review: “It tries to get us to completely rethink the categories we use to talk about music, and about using that music as a critique of social domination. But who is this music for? Is it for the adventurer in modern music? Yes. Is it for gloomy neo-Marxian critical theorists? Yep. Is it for teenage Faith No More fans? Sure, why not? It makes us open our eyes and our ears and our mouths and our noses to super mega proper musical imagination in a way that might even outwit the logic of late capitalism. Right on time, too. ”

While mxdwn reports that “Patton, fluent in the language, leads the proceedings, and he is in good voice here—or perhaps more appropriately: good voices. His beginning intonations of the Italian verses spook, while later he layers chants menacingly, and later still screams blisteringly before returning to an almost off-mic whisper that sounds like it could have been recorded in the hallway of the studio. ”

And Soundblab, giving appropriate equal billing to Patton’s partners the Ictus Ensemble, provide this wonderful passage in their review: “The record is released via Ipecac Records, a label Patton founded and now runs. This begs the question – does Mike Patton have a watch that stops time? Does he operate on 48 hour days? I struggle to mow the lawn and cook tea some days. Even more astonishing is the fact that Patton doesn’t ever dial it in either. Listen to this – on Laborintus II, Patton is in cahoots with Belgian dadaists the Ictus Ensemble. The record is their take on Luciano Berio’s composition from back in 1965, which is itself based on the poetry of Communist Dante scholar Edoardo Sanguineti. Patton isn’t just filling out his canon with stock poppycock. He’s taking on a piece of theatre which is essentially a critique of the commodification of the world. ”


2507, 2012

Faith No More at Hammersmith Apollo Kerrang review

July 25th, 2012|Faith No More, News|3 Comments

Copyright 2000-2011 Bauer Consumer Media

Copyright 2000-2011 Bauer Consumer Media

Leading metal magazine Kerrang gave Faith No More‘s performance at the Hammersmith Apollo on 8 July an in-depth review in 18 July edition.

The show gets a 4K rating, presuminably losing one K or star for not having new material, as the written review is a virtual panegyric to the band.

It begins: “Then comes an unexpected delivery of flowers. Hundreds of them, arranged from one side of the stage to the other. making this not only the most ornate gig of the year but also the nicest smelling. It would have been a special occasion had the San Fran five-piece just come out and played to make up for the cancellation of their planned headline set at Sonisphere. But ever since their reunion in 2009, Faith No More have hardly done things by halves.”

And its good to see the reviewer extending his scope beyond the mesmeric Mike Patton performance to give the band as a whole its due: “As Midlife Crisis kicks things up a notch. the iconic frontman circles, hunches and lurches around the stage, attacking every note. The band are flawless too, playing incredibly tight, whether they’re smashing through an incendiary Digging The Grave or kicking it smooth on The Commodores’ Easy.”

And the review concludes with a plea that all FNM fans echo: “As thrilling as it is to hear the old hits, lesser-played gems. and as fun as shows like this feel, it’s almost criminal that three years on. Faith No More remain a live only reformation. Especially. when on this evidence. they still operate at a level above and beyond most other bands. Some new music next time, chaps? Now that would be something truly special.”


1807, 2012

Faith No More Links for a day… (vol. 142)

July 18th, 2012|Faith No More, Links for a day|47 Comments

  • A great find by Firsa this from Rock Cellar magazine, an interview with producer Steve Berlin in which he gives an insightful account of his time with Faith No More while co-producing Introduce Yourself:
  • He says: “I remember back then hearing the beginnings of what was to be Epic, their big hit. They had this odd sense of gestation. A song had to be burned in for a year before we could record it. So they were not at all open to the idea of, “Hey, that’s a cool song — let’s just use it!” Everything they did had to be battle-tested, they were just so adamant about everything being just tight beyond anything rational. Certainly in the ’80s, where tightness really wasn’t in the game for a lot of people. They wanted everything to be just rock solid. I’m talking mind-numbingly solid and tight, which I very much appreciated. It was a healthy attitude they had, I think. They’re very serious about their music and they were incredibly ahead of their time…”
  • As Firsa mentions, this perfectionism in their music should be borne in mind when we speculate on new songs and potential new material.
  • We should really have focussed more on this at the time but a) I missed this happening live and b) there was a lot of other stuff happening here at the time. But here’s a good video of Mike Patton joining support act Guano Padano at the Hammersmith Apollo show:
  • Here is the official video for the song:
  • You can pick up the record here 
  • Tweet of the Day. If anyone can get their hands on Kerrang an send me the review, please do so as I can’t get it in Switzerland.
  • [tweet
  • Official Brixton Academy photos of the Faith No More gig on 10 July.
  • ©amanda rose
  • Hammersmith and Brixton gig official posters are still on sale at the Secret Serpents store.


1807, 2012

Faith No More play Highway Star four times at concert – audio

July 18th, 2012|Faith No More|11 Comments

Borne out of our Jon Lord tribute, friend of the site Douglas Esper revealed the gem that Faith No More once played Deep Purple song Highway Star four times during the one concert.

Douglas explains: “On 10 September 1997 Faith No More played in Columbus, Ohio at a place called the Newport and they did Highway Star like 6-7 times and they were busting up laughing each and every time…in fact if I remember correct at one point Jon started to play Ashes to Ashes but Mike stopped him, said the crowd wasn’t good enough to hear that, and they played it again. I’d love to see/hear that show if anyone has it…the next night they played Cincinnati Ohio which was also a great show.”

Well, thanks to bunglefever, here are the Highway Stars segments from that show:

Highway Star 1
Faith No More 08 – Highway Star

Highway Star 2
Faith No More 11 – Highway Star

Highway Star 3
Faith No More 12 – Highway Star

Highway Star 4
Faith No More – 18 – Highway Star

1807, 2012

Chuck Mosley bio in pipeline; reflection on what happens next

July 18th, 2012|Faith No More, News|3 Comments

Author and musician Douglas Esper has penned his thoughts on the end of the current Faith No More tour on his terrifically-titled d-esper-ation blog. And Douglas also tells us that he is currently working with former Faith No More vocalist Chuck Mosley.

Here’s Douglas’s take on FNM 2012: “I know for years they balked at rehashing the old material, so to have them find a passion for these songs again enough to play dozens of shows around the world, made it special for me and, i imagine, the other fans as well.”

Douglas also told FNM 2.0 that he is currently working on ghostwriting a Chuck Mosley biography and he’ll be keeping us informed on the progress of that project.

Meanwhile, here is an interview that Douglas did with Chuck from 2009 with his interesting insights on his then relationship with the band.

1707, 2012

Jon Lord RIP

July 17th, 2012|Faith No More, News|2 Comments

As a tribute to the late Deep Purple keyboard player Jon Lord, who passed away yesterday, here is some audio and some video of Faith No More performing ‘Purple’s Highway Star.


1607, 2012

Faith No More King for a Day at Belgrade Calling pro-shot video

July 16th, 2012|Faith No More, News, Video vault|2 Comments

As mentioned in Comments by Crack Hitler and via fnm4ever, here is professional video footage of Faith No More performing King for a Day at the Belgrade Calling festival. It seems this song was shown live on TV in Serbia.

1607, 2012

Faith No More at Brixton Academy 2012 multicam videos

July 16th, 2012|Faith No More, News, Video vault|10 Comments

Here’s Gill’s expertly edited multicam videos from Brixton in one playlist.

[youlist pid=”PL61F6C58A3CBD114D”]

As he explains: “This is a video I made from the fan footage uploaded to YouTube, I plan to do this for the entire concert if possible and I hope that you enjoy it.  All audio taken from the videos by user burntoutttt. All video footage, not just for this video, that I have used is by the following users (in alphabetical order).
Alejandra Sivori

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