• Radkey cover Digging the Grave. It is the B-side to single Feed the Brain, which was released on 3 March.
    Stereoboard report: “The original version of this track was released as a UK single on February 28 1995, 3 months before Radkey’s Isaiah Radke was even born. Back then, it hit the singles chart at #16 and the band performed it live on Top of the Pops.  Isaiah says:“Digging the Grave is one of our favourite Faith No More songs. It rocks really hard so it pretty much called to us. We’ve been playing it for years, so we thought that now was the perfect time to record our version of it.””
  • Darkglass have Bill Gould endorsing their drive pedals:
    “The people at Darkglass Electronics must be bass players, because it’s the first time I’ve used a drive pedal that not only sounds right, it FEELS right.”

  • Faith No More Naked in Front of the Computer live in Cleveland 1997 (via the one and only Douglas Esper)