• Our friends at fnm4ever have produced two more wonderful video compilations.
    Their fourth Faith No More cover compilation is again a triumph of editing and research.
    Includes FNM rock roll at around 4.30.
    Faith No More – Cover Video 4 from fnm4ever on Vimeo.
  • And a this video is an even more stupendous undertaking brilliantly realised – a compendium of Faith No More tracks in film/movie soundtracks. Kudos. Enjoy.
  • Rhino Entertainment have posted a high-quality Ricochet official video on YouTube.
  • Get your Mike Patton “snowman” doll at Elo7.
  • The Nevermen project has yet to see the the light of day but Doseone has been speaking about working with Mike Patton in a recent interview with Pitchfork (I read it while combing my beard and peering over my oversized glasses so you don’t have to.
    He said “[Patton and I] are starting plans to do a large chunk of music together, just the two of us. His style and talents are directly supplementary to mine. He goes in and in five minutes lays all the melodies for a record, and they’re all different and varying, and it takes him quadruple the time to come up with one word for that entire record full of melodies. For me it’s like, you give me fucking, “be-deep-it-tappa” and I’m like, “The radar’s on the TV”– it’s like instant word-a-rama. So you know, it’s really nice.”