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2804, 2014

Links for a day…(vol. 157)

April 28th, 2014|Faith No More, Links for a day|1 Comment

  • There have been a lot of good pieces written recently about The Real Thing on its 25th anniversary and here is one more that really gets it from Lonesome Noise’s Silver Chronicles:
    “Woodpecker from Mars” follows as the only instrumental on the record, but it’s certainly one of the highlights. Beginning with a middle-eastern riff on the keys, Roddy Bottum owns this song throughout. Or does Gould, with his frenetic slap-bass? Or maybe it’s Bordin and his steel-hitting-concrete drums? Or Martin, and his thick rhythms and noise-solo? It’s an impeccable showcase for how each instrument can play a different style in the same song and make it come together.”
  • And onto Angel Dust and it has been selected in Metro Weekly Soundwaves’ top 50 best albums of the 1990s:
    “Schizophrenic, unflinchingly brutal at times, hilarious and scary, Angel Dust is the finest album in Faith No More’s impressive catalog.”
    It is a great list by the way and a reminder on what a brilliant decade for good music the 1990s was.
  • One of that album – possibly my favourite song – for my mood today:
  • While Faith No More are booked in for a return on 4 July, this still hasn’t stopped the band members’ touring with their other projects. Roddy’s Imperial Teen are down to play the Merge 25 Festival in North Carolina. In fact, their Friday 25 July date at Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro is already sold out.
  • And eagle-eyed reader Mark has spotted that Mike P’s Peeping Tom are down to play at Glastonbury according to popular festival site efestivals albeit with a to be confirmed caveat. Alas a little bit more Googling reveals that this listing refers actually to a DJ or disc jockey, as I believe the cool cats coall them, who goes by the same moniker.
  • Not sure whether we featured this before but this recently dropped on a popular video sharing platform near you – demo version of Annie’s Song from 1986.


1004, 2014

Links for a day…(vol 156)

April 10th, 2014|Faith No More, Links for a day|0 Comments

  • The calm after the storm but a few bits of FNM-related stuff for your perusal.
  • Mike Patton’s other other other band Tomahawk will be releasing a few unreleased choice cuts from their Oddfellows recordings on a 7″ limited edition entitled Meat. Release date is 13 May – a date obviously chosen in tribute to this blogger’s 40th birthday. The band’s Facebook page states “”M.E.A.T.” will be released as a limited edition 7″ on May 13th. The digital release is set for June 4. The only M.E.A.T. vegans can enjoy!”
  • PattonMad have posted this fascinating tour itinerary from the band’s megatour (alogside Metallica and Guns’ N’Roses) in the States in 1992. Particularly useful if you have access to a time machine and want to back to stalk the band and stake out their hotels.
  • Blast from the past recent YouTube video upload. A rare UK TV ad for the band’s 13th of 19 greatest hits compilation Who Care’s a Lot in 1998:
  • Irish Faith No More tribute act Fake No More (there is also a Dutch tribute band of the same name) play the excellent Spirit Store venue in Dundalk (Ireland not Maryland) on Friday night, 11 April.


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