• The more enterprising media and websites have put 2 and 2 together following Faith No More’s teasing Twitter debut and are predicting a new album
  • Aussie site The Music was first up stating:
    “Less than a week after he was rightfully crowned as the world’s most technically impressive singer, Faith No More (and about a million other things) frontman Mike Patton seems to have hinted that there may be new material in the works for the iconic rock act…
    “The Twittersphere and comments on the band’s Facebook post pointing to the new Twitter profile have taken the admittedly vague tweet to mean that the band are planning to release a new album, despite Patton’s assertions as recently as last year that there were no plans for Faith No More to resume active creative duty.
    “The primary other suggestion as to what the band could have meant has been that of a forthcoming tour announcement, with most hopes and dreams centring around a worldwide tour of some sort – although that seems less likely given the context of the tweet and its reference to the reunion tour “being fun”, but the impression being whatever’s next isn’t going to be more of the same.”
  • One more here from another Australian site Faster Louder.
  • Faith No More return to the Open’er festival almost 5 years to the day after the last appearance at the festival.

    Here are some highlights of that show:
    Some intro chat, Chariots of  Fire and Stripsearch.
  • And Cuckoo for Caca
  • And here’s a report (complete with missing YouTube links) of that festival from us.
  • Finally, there are still not a lot of details on the 4 July Hyde Park show but we now expect Faith No More to take to the stage around 5pm.