– Bill Gould has given a phone interview the Rockomotara show on Argentina’s Radio Led. The podcast of the 19 June is not yet online but the show have shared some snippets on their Twitter feed:

– Older interviews now and Mark (@NoCrowdsurfing) has a Flickr treasure trove of mostly UK music press interviews and reviews with and of the band back in the day.
Check it out. Here is one gem – a Mike P interview with the now defunct Face magazine:

Larger version.

– Business Insider has published a new list of supposed prices for bands to play one-off gigs lists the going rate for Faith No More to play in your front room as $500,000. That’s five times more than Black Sabbath by the way! The whole list to be taken with a pinch of salt but here are two other takes on it. PRP Lambgoat

– The official Anne’s Song video is up on YouTube via Rhino: