Here at FNM 2.0, we have always laboured under the misconception that hockey is a game played by posh girls in short skirts, but it seems that a version of the game played on ice is also extremely popular especially in north American. And star of the sport Dan Boyle, joined Faith No More on their 4-5 July jaunt to London and Poland.

The defenceman was a big free-agency mover last week and even allowed Faith No More to announce his move to the New York Rangers on the band’s new Twitter page.

And ESPN reported: “The veteran blueliner is in England this week, hanging out with his favorite band, Faith No More, who are on tour. “Yes, I planned this a LONG time ago,” Boyle told via text message Wednesday. “My summer workouts have a one-week transition period that allows me to rest and recover [for seven days], so I took advantage and came with them for a couple of shows. Back on Sunday.”

Boyle was formerly with the San Jose Sharks, favourite team of Faith No More singer Mike Patton. ESPN reported: “A source confirmed to that the Rangers signed Boyle to a two-year, $9 million contract, which also includes a no-move clause. The 37-year-old Boyle, a long-time member of the San Jose Sharks, was one of the most coveted defensemen to hit the market when free agency opened.”