Back to reality after the excitement of the London and Poland shows and the new material.

  • First up in the digest is a rare interview from Mike Patton in which he opens up about the stage and creative experience to Ben Weinman. The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist has just launched a new website, which defines itself as “a one-stop portal for musicians, photographers, illustrators, fashion designers and industry mavericks of all stripes” featuring artists talking about the DIY spirit.

    And Weinman also pays a touching text tribute to the Faith No More frontman on his site.

    “He is a real person. Not only is he a real person, but he is an amazing person. Mike actually gives me honest advice while also encouraging me to always look out for myself. ..Mike is more than a great musician. He is a great human being.”

    And here’s some footage of the guys in studio together during the Irony is a Dead Scene recording.

    • Back to Faith No More and their recent live return. Here via fnm4ever is a multicam video of Leader of Men/Superhero:
  • Leading indie music magazine Clash featured a knowing review of Faith No More in their Open’er round-up online:”Even playing a dangerously nostalgic set, they blow every young upstart off the stage by a massive margin. Dressed in white and sporting prayer beads, their set is a protrusion of veins, vigour and healthy venom.”

    “Patton’s multi-octave voice has not withered with age. Free from ego, it’s a stand-alone instrument, sharp as a weapon, wielded with the fluidity of a samurai, stealthy and overwhelmingly deadly.”

    • There’s another good review here at The Final World too, which makes some well-merited criticism of the Hyde Park experience:
      “As ever, it is enormous, and organised with the kind of incompetence only the British truly excel at…Hyde Park is a ruthless and cynical money extraction system, designed to separate you from your money, and it is fiercely efficient and ruthless at it.
  • Not quite The Real Thing but UK tribute act Faith No Man play Swansea this Friday.