The Guardian today feature a beginner’s guide to Faith No More – and it is a well-informed effort from the UK broadsheet. The article states: “To mark the news of the first Faith No More album in almost two decades, here are 10 of their finest tracks, from rap collaborations to songs about masturbation.”

News today also that Mike Patton is not cutting back on his other projects. Fantomas are returning to the stage later this year. Humo Negro reports that supergroup will play the inaugural RockOut festival which takes place on 6 December at Espacio Broadway in Santiago, Chile.

Finally, rumours about the FNM April 15 release continue to intensify. Following on from U2’s Apple giveaway, latest reports are that the Faith No More release will also be an innovative giveaway. It seems the band are set to upload the album encrypted to the cloud on 1April along with a series of naked selfies and get free distribution from hackers as well as reddit and 4chan.