We know that We Care a Lot has been recorded twice by Faith No More – for We Care a Lot and for Introduce Yourself – and even that a third live version has also been released.

But another version – very similar to the Introduce Yourself/Slash version – has appeared on an 1980s compilation album which has just been released.

The song is billed on the Eighties Junkie album as Faith No More: We Care a Lot (Re-recorded) and appears alongside other re-recorded 80s gems such as Tiffany’s I Think We’re Alone Now and Berlin’s Take My Breath Away. The album came out in September on Goldenlane records as you can stream on Spotify or buy on iTunes or Amazon.

Ben in Comments alerted me to the track and after several listens I’m certain that it is a different version. My guess is that it is a remix or different take from the Introduce Yourself recording. The vocal is lacking some of Chuck’s distinctive tone and the drums have been beefed up.

Update: It is indeed an alternate mix from the Introduce Yourself session.



Check it it below as well as the original (or the original re-recorded version to be exact).
Click on song title to play.

And here is the full album on Spotify

Here is the original version from We Care a Lot

And the Patton version