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Faith No More’s other new songs: Superhero and Matador

November 20th, 2014|Faith No More, News|3 Comments

We’ve finally heard new recorded music from Faith No More and it has only whetted our appetites.

Motherfucker is released as a 7-inch vinyl on 28 November and digitally on 9 December.

But what then? The new album will be released in April 2015 but there is likely to be a second single before then

The odds are on the other two new songs that the band have played live – the brooding Matador and the lively Superhero.

Here we revisit our overview of the two new songs.


Go Go Go Go….

There’s something wrong
Hiding in a cave…

Leader of men
Leader of men
Locked in your cage
Will you be one of them?



Leader of men
It’s all in your head
It’s all in your head
Sweet memories
Washing away


And here for the sake of completion is the band playing Matador again at Open’er on Saturday:

When lonesome came over me
A future shadow
Her ghost stood there, sang to me
Farewell, so long

I’ll awake you
From this living sleep
We’ll walk the shore
Where you were born
And bedded me

Although I cheat for the things
March forward, my son
A battle beyond frozen hills
Only for doubters

We will rise from the killing floor
Like a matador

The stained glass
A bovine ass
Can see right through
Every truth-soaked lie

Letters will trace every step
Out of this world
With every date, every date

We will be where you will be no more
No more

The stained glass
Or the hangman’s ass
Would serve you well
Now we’re comin’ back

Out of the words
Of these ghosts
We’ll jump the gates
And left to rise, we will rise

We will rise from the killing floor
Like a matador

And the dead live
May the dead live
And the dead live
What more can we give?

May the dead live
May the dead live
And the dead live
The dead live…

2011, 2014

Faith No More Motherfucker crashes into top 100 on Amazon album charts

November 20th, 2014|Faith No More|6 Comments

UPDATE: The song is now up to number 77 in the US Amazon album chart – despite not being an album and not being available until next month. 2014-11-20 15-05-04

No doubt propelled by yesterday’s release of the official audio stream, Faith No More’s comeback single Motherfucker is now at number 97 in the Amazon download album charts – based on pre-orders alone.

Between Arianna and Abba

Between Ariana and Abba

Moving and shaking

Moving and shaking

Number 2 in movers and shakers

Number 2 in movers and shakers

The song is now also 110 on the Amazon UK chart after being in the 700s yesterday.

And on various iTunes charts, the song is
Number 15 in overall chart in Poland
Number 2 in rock chart in Poland
Number 2 in rock chart in Chile
Number 30 in overall chart in Chile
Number 3 in rock chart in Finland
Number 37 in overall chart in Finland
Number 8 in rock chart in Australia
Number 19 in the rock chart in Austria
Number 6 in the rock chart in Azerbaijan
Number 13 in the rock chart in Brazil
Number 5 in the overall chart in Bulgaria
Number 2 in the rock chart in Bulgaria
Number 7 in the rock chart in Denmark
Number 18 in the rock chart in Germany
Number 5 in the rock chart in Greece
Number 16 in the rock chart in Hong Kong
Number 2 in the rock chart in Israel
Number 30 in the overall chart in Israel
Number 9 in rock chart in Norway
Number 7 in rock chart in Spain
Number 14 in rock chart in Sweden
Number 13 in rock chart in UK


2011, 2014

Faith No More Download tickets now on sale

November 20th, 2014|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|0 Comments

Get your tickets for Faith No More at Download at Donington Park in June 2015 from 9AM UK time – i.e NOW
Direct Ticketmaster link (you can get Saturday only tickets here for £82.50)

2011, 2014

Faith No More Motherfucker lyrics and stream

November 20th, 2014|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

We’ve been attempting to decipher the lyrics of Motherfucker since we first heard it at Hyde Park in the summer but no the clear audio of the new audio stream has allowed us and especially commenter Ben to come up with the definitive version.

Force-fed more than we’d eat in the wild
Grazed on a mash that could suffocate a child
Bloated, promoted in an ode to pomp and style
Moistening the feed while we choke upon the bile
Cornering the market on the geese without their bones
Hushing out the public in a strike without a drone
The cage became collapsible, our sticks equipped with stones
Get the motherfucker on the phone, the phone (repeat)

Hello motherfucker, my lover, you saw it coming.

Set aside the scruples in a stratagem of strain
A smallpox-laden blanket, invisible with stains
Inoculating bastards, bloody peck at pain
Distemper has a hold, distemper has a hold
We took the second sip from a cup we made of bones
The first it was a ruse, a trick so aptly thrown
The truth is that our youth was a carpet laid of stones
Get the motherfucker on the phone, the phone

Hello motherfucker, my lover, you saw it coming
Goodbye motherfucker, my lover, you had it coming

Get the motherfucker on the phone (repeat)




1911, 2014

First reviews of Faith No More’s Motherfucker

November 19th, 2014|Faith No More, News|4 Comments

The immediate media and social media reaction to Motherfucker, Faith No More’s comeback single, has been largely positive.
Here is a quick summary:


It’s probably intended as a warmup for the LP, and is thus sort of a throwaway for the band, but sonically and structurally, “Motherfucker” sounds like vintage FNM, owing largely to Mike Patton’s remarkable vocal range and attack. It’s not going to make anyone forget Angel Dust, but it might make some people remember Angel Dust, and it sets a pretty high bar for the new album.


Prog-metal gods Faith No More have released a shitkicking new anthem called “Motherfucker,” which will serve as the lead single on the troupe’s as-yet-untitled album.


Now the first single is here—and it definitely sounds like a Faith No More song, with Patton alternately rap-singing and wailing over a military-style drum beat with cooing backup vocals and crescendoing power chords heralding a guitar solo that arrives a little over two minutes in. It’s got a Faith No More title, too: “Motherfucker.”

Metal Sucks

It’s like, y’know, a bajillion times better than that shitty video of the band playing it live. I am now more confident than ever than the new Faith No More album is going to be worthy of the FNM name.

Heavy Blog is Heavy

The song echoes the overall tone of “Pristina”, the 1997 swan song that closed out Album of the Year, but contrasts its finality with a rejuvenated motif about getting “that motherfucker.” Several aspects of the track are reminiscent of other pieces in Faith No More’s body of work, including 1989’s The Real Thing and other pieces of Album of the Year.


The first song to be released from the group since 1997, “Motherfucker” takes on properties of the FNM of old, whether it be Mike Patton’s The Real Thing rap cadence, or the way the vocalist can easily turn out soaring vocal melodies to gruff and grizzly growls targeting the “motherfucker” that tricked them in their youth. The music is likewise epic, evolving from spacious and sinister piano lines into a grand rock escapade.


Faith No More just released their first new song in 17 years and it’s nothing short of magnificent.



1911, 2014

Listen to Faith No More’s Motherfucker

November 19th, 2014|Faith No More, News|13 Comments

The Faith No More single is now streaming at the Rolling Stone website and via that site below.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

And here is Roddy’s thoughts to Rolling Stone:

It feels apt that the first track we’re releasing is ‘Motherfucker,’ a song about accountability. Basically we’ve created, recorded and mixed a new body of work by ourselves and we’re releasing it on our own label. It’s a huge deal for us to only have ourselves to answer to at this point in our career and the song is about that, where the buck stops via the basic imagery of foie gras production, bondage. . .y’know, stuff like that.”

Pre-order the digital version at iTunes or other outlets depending on device.


1911, 2014

Faith No More speak to Guardian on Download 2015 appearance

November 19th, 2014|Faith No More, News|4 Comments

The Guardian has included a quote from Faith No More in their news piece on the Download festival being announced.

The article quotes the band as stating:

“Hard to believe it’s been five years already, but what’s harder to deny is that a lot has changed. The last time we played Download the focus was on bringing back the past; now it’s all about the present and the future. Where it should be.”

We can almost forgive them for referring to FNM as “San Francisco rap-metallers”. Almost.

1911, 2014

Mike Patton adds voice and lyrics to John Zorn’s Song project – listen to preview and buy now

November 19th, 2014|News, Other bands|1 Comment

John Zorn : The Song Project Vinyl Singles Edition
was released yesterday in the US and is available for sale or for pre-order in most other markets.
(hat tip )

Buy at:
Amazon UK
Juno UK
Fnac France
HHV Germany

The album is a treat not just for fans of the avant-garde legend Zorn but also for Pattonistas as the Faith No More singer adds lyrics and vocals to the celebration of Zorn’s music.
For the record: ” Zorn asked his most acclaimed vocal collaborators to write lyrics to select compositions from his vast musical catalog. Including music originally written for Naked City, Masada, The Dreamers, a variety of film soundtracks and more, The Song Project is a retrospective of some of Zorn’s most lyrical compositions from the past 30 years. Each piece is presented in song format with an all-star band of Zorn regulars, and features the voices of Mike Patton, Jesse Harris, and Sofia Rei. Presented in a special limited edition box set of six vinyl 45-rpm singles in a beautiful box set with a 32-page book filled with photos, lyrics and more, this is a collector’s dream of one of Zorn’s most popular and lyrical projects. ”

Juno offer a preview sampler on their website:

And some enterprising YouTuber has uploaded the album’s final track Assassin’s Bay:

1811, 2014

Faith No More confirmed for Download festival

November 18th, 2014|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|2 Comments

Faith No More have continued to their May-June European festival itinerary by confirming their appearance at the Download festival in England on Saturday 13 June.

Faith No More will play on the same day as Muse, Marilyn Manson and a Day to Remember at the iconic Donington Park venue.

Tickets for the event go on sale this Thursday at 9am UK time.

Download was of course the catalyst for the initial FNM reunion in 2009.

Tickets for the event go on sale this Thursday at 9am UK time.

1711, 2014

Faith No More confirm Hellfest France date

November 17th, 2014|Faith No More, Tour dates|0 Comments

Faith No More have just announced that they will be playing the Hellfest festival in France next summer.

The festival takes place on 19-21 June.

Faith No More are also strongly rumoured to be playing the UK’s Download festival, with the Saturday headliners announced tomorrow.


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