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1711, 2014

Is this what fans of Faith No More are really like?

November 17th, 2014|Faith No More, News|5 Comments

The market research form YouGov has launched a nifty web app that allows you to query their database and find out typical demographics and preferences of certain groups such as football supporters, political party voters – or fans of bands.

The typical Faith No More fan

The typical Faith No More fan

And Faith No More fans (based on their sample of 157 and seemingly based in the UK) are typically:

  • Male
  • Aged 25-39
  • C2DE (working class)
  • from Yorkshire
  • slightly right-wing
  • working in IT

Lifestyle-wise, Faith No More fans like:

  • Chips and curry sauce
  • Playing video games
  • Motorsports
  • Science and technology

While cats are our favourite pet.
Meanwhile, FNM fans are most likely to shop in Primark and ASDA and drive Fiats.
And Faith No More fans are seemingly more likely to read The Guardian and Kerrang, while their favourite move/film is The Lost Boys with the Red Dwarf their favourite TV series.

Do you fit in?




1711, 2014

Faith No More Motherfucker already making chart impact

November 17th, 2014|Faith No More, News|1 Comment

Number one in Poland

Number one in Poland

The digital release of Faith No More‘s comeback single Motherfucker may not be until 9 December but the song has already charted on iTunes in some countries, based on pre-order sales alone.

In Poland, the song is number 26 in the overall iTunes song chart, nestled cosily just behind Meghan Trainor and her All about that Bass. And it is NUMBER ONE in the rock category.

All about that Bass Motherfucker

All about that Bass Motherfucker

In Romania, Motherfucker is number 3 in the rock category – with Shakin’ Stevens bizarrely at number 2.

In Finland, meanwhile, the song is number 6 in the rock category.

In the Netherlands, the song is 38 in the iTunes rock chart.

And Motherfucker is at number 93 in the overall Bulgarian iTunes chart. The song is also number 2 in the rock category  – beaten off the top spot only by Nickelback!!

Faith No More pay due deference to the ultimate gods of rock

Faith No More pay due deference to the ultimate gods of rock

No sign of the song in the Chile charts. But Easy is number two in the rock charts and 99 on the overall songs chart, just ahead of Meghan Trainor. Yes, Easy is the 99th most-downloaded song in Chile – in November 2014!



1311, 2014

Pre-order Faith No More Motherfucker now on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon

November 13th, 2014|Faith No More, News|9 Comments

Now available for pre-order on iTunes.
Get it

Also on Google Play and Amazon


No preview as far as I can tell.

911, 2014

Faith No More and the fall of the Berlin Wall

November 9th, 2014|Faith No More, News|4 Comments

Update: Tim Dalton, Faith No More’s then tour manager, has since posted a fascinating article on the night the wall came down

Conventional wisdom and urban lore has it that David Hasselhoff sparked the fall of the Berlin Wall such was the Knight Rider actor-turned-singer’s popularity on both sides of the Wall.

But Faith No More actually have a more legitimate claim as they were actually in Berlin that night. The band were playing at the Loft as part of their Real Thing tour on 9 November 1989.

And the band broke the news of the catacylsmic events from the stage to an unaware audience. On the now defunct Kraut Komplex site, Zulfikar Abbany recalled:
“Twenty-two years ago, Europe shifted. For some, it started on the streets of Dresden and Leipzig, in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and elsewhere.
“For others, it started later – on the night of 9 November 1989, at theLoft where the San Francisco band Faith No More had a gig.
“I wasn’t there but the story goes something like this: they closed their set, as they usually did at that time, with a version of the Black Sabbath song War Pigs. ‘Big Ugly’ Jim Martin played the first of two solos and Mike Patton, the singer, screamed, ‘der Mauer ist weg! Der Mauer ist weg!’ No one knew what the American rocker, known for grotesque pranks, such as packing faeces into hotel hairdryers, was on about.
The song continued and Patton screamed something about Satan. Then, ‘Big Ugly’ Jim ventured another solo and Patton gurgled “Thank you, Berlin, fucking night, see you later, man. And guess what? The wall is gone!’ he said, laughing maniacally.
But still no one knew what Patton was on about. ”


Hopefully the band one day share their memories of that momentous night. Their performance of War Pigs was that night was recorded and made it on to b-side of Epic.

611, 2014

Get your Faith No more winter woollies

November 6th, 2014|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

A busy week of Faith No More news continues with the reactivation of the band’s merchandising, with some winter accessories now available.

Bobble hats and scarves are now available in both the US and international merchandise stores.

They look great but we remain hopeful of a Faith No More Christmas jumper.

611, 2014

Tickets for Faith No More in Germany and Austria NOW ON SALE

November 6th, 2014|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|0 Comments

Follow our in tweets links to get tickets to Der Ring, Rockavaria and Rock in Vienna which all go on sale at 10 CET.


511, 2014

Faith No More Motherfucker single set for 9 Dec digital release

November 5th, 2014|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

Ipecac Recordings have today confirmed that Faith No More‘s comeback single Motherfucker will get a digital release on 9 December.

The label also re-iterated that the limited edition 7-inch vinyl release on 28 November for Record Store Day Black Friday would be US only.

Ipecac Facebook post and on
their site

511, 2014

Faith No More announced for May festival dates in Germany – tickets on sale Thursday

November 5th, 2014|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|2 Comments

Concert organisers in Germany have announced that Faith No More will play the Der Ring – Grüne Hölle Rock and the Rockavaria festivals in Germany on the last weekend of May 2015.

The two festivals are new to the European festival calendar. The Grüne Hölle festival takes place at the historic Nürburgring motor racing venue, which has traditionally also hosted the Rock am Ring festival. The new event featuring Faith No More takes place on 29-31 May and the lineup also features Metallica, Muse, Kiss and Judas Priest.

Early Bird Tickets are available from Thursday 6 November 6 from 10am CET at €169 from Ticketmaster online (including all fees, camping, parking and 5 EUR garbage deposit.) and the hotline 01806-999000 555 (0.20 EUR / connection from dt. landline / max. 0.60 EUR / connection from dt. Mobile Network).

Its sister festival Rockavaria takes place in the Olympiapark – venue of the 1972 Olympic Games and former home of FC Bayern München – in Munich the same weekend.

Tickets also go on sale for this one on Thursday at 10am CET, making for a busy morning Tickets are on sale on ,  and  with the price also €169.


511, 2014

Faith No More confirmed for Rock in Vienna festival

November 5th, 2014|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|2 Comments

Faith No More’s first European festival date of 2015 has been confirmed with an appearance at the Rock in Vienna festival on 4-6 June 2015 just announced by festival organisers.

Also on the bill are Metallica, Muse, Kiss, Incubus and Limp Bizkit. Tickets go on sale at Thursday, 6 November at 9am CET.

More details when we have them.

Faith No More have already announced dates for Australia, Japan and New Zealand in February and March 2015.

411, 2014

Faith No More have 25 songs to choose from for new album

November 4th, 2014|Faith No More, News|9 Comments

Bill Gould has given an interview to Revolver magazine revealing fresh details on the forthcoming comeback Faith No More album.

He said: “It’ll be much different than everything else out there—but that’s sort of the point. It’s a combination of what we don’t hear in the outside world and what we feel is lacking from other bands. And in the end, it will sound like Faith No More.”

Revolver stated: “The first official single is “Motherfucker,” an offbeat track driven by marching drums, spare piano, echoey string scrapes, and half-sung vocals layered over a euphoric chorus. The song will be released as a limited-edition 7-inch single for Record Store Day Black Friday on November 28. Another track, “Cone of Shame,” is “blues-based rock and roll,” according to the bassist, with some “influences from Link Wray, Cramps, and a little black metal.” But Gould’s favorite song is still “Matador.” ”

The band could have as many as 25 songs to choose from.

The album will be released in April 2015.

Exciting words from Bill – what are you expecting from the new album?

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