It is easy to scoff at people holding up cameras, phones and especially tablets at gigs and it is now regarded as a serious social faux pas with artists such as Jack White and Savages banning it outright at their gigs. But…in certain circumstances such as when new songs are being played for the first time or when a band is playing in a tiny venue, it would not be possible to see these unmissable performances but for the chutzpah of such camera warriors. So FNM 2.0 salutes you camera and tablet guy – and especially in this instance the likes of Eric Pace, Jason Gifford, Jose Henrique M. Oliveira Gonzalo Maldonado,Frank Slodysko,  reyka wrekka and especially littlemoe69 for filming and uploading Faith No More‘s historic, iconic, for-the-ages performances at the Amoeba record store in San Francisco on Friday.

New full show:

(Fantastic overall views above and the song sounds great)

There are some great photos from Joshua Weinfeld here.

And Frank Vella also has a set on Flickr. (hat tip Pattonism on Facebook)

Amoeba also have some photos and should add their video of the show soon.

And Rock N Roll Cocktail also have truly amazing shots.