Faith No More figurehead, the busiest man in music and all-round nice guy Bill Gould has taken some time out from his hectic schedule to say a few words to Faith No More 2.0 and Faith No More fans.

Bill has been busy producing Faith No More new album which will be released in May and we asked him about the challenges that producing the new record posed.
Bill said: “This album was a challenge in a lot of ways, it took time, patience and given the fact that we recorded in in a rehearsal room and not a recording studio…quite a bit of improvisation!”

But the greater freedom of doing their own thing has also brought benefits and personal fulfillment.
“What I got out of it the most was being able to exercise my brain (heavily!). My problem solving skills have definitely improved quite a bit since we began this…and at the end, we’re all happy with how it worked, ” he added.

Bill also addressed fans’ concerns over the sale of tickets for the band’s eagerly-awaited US tour which sold in minutes last week, only for tickets to soon appear on reselling sites at exorbitant prices:
“The ticketing world is something that I haven’t had much interaction with, but this most recent experience has really piqued my interest…I’m not sure what can be done but I am all about investigating possibilities, because when this happens, both the band and the fans get burned.”

Bill also firmed up some details about the upcoming single and album releases. Regarding the physical Superhero single release on 17 March he said “We are planning on having Superhero available internationally (in vinyl), but it will still be a very limited edition”.

As for the album release date, Bill confirmed that the exact date would be officially communicated by the band next week.