Faith No More have shown off the media-shy shackles of their early reunion and are in fun promo mode ahead of their imminent Japan, Australian and New Zealand dates and the 18 May release of Sol Invictus.

Roddly spoke to leading Australian music site Faster Louder. Speaking about the new album he said: ““I would say that it really does go back to out roots, and really gothic – it’s really sort of in the dark and there’s a lot of sombre tones on it”, he said. “I get gut instincts from simple stripped down sounds, when we do that successfully,” he continued, “and for me there is a lot of those moments on the record. Like, not as dense as the place that we usually go and there’s a lot of places with a really simple instrumentation and pianos – there is a lot of pianos – and a lot of really, concise smart lyrics that can be heard and understood. And those sort of places on the record are the strongest for me.”

He added: “[Mike Patton] has done a super super, great job; I’m a huge fan of his lyrics I love what he does lyrically. There are some really fun word play that he does, and there is a lot of referencing of us as a core group.”

The full interview will be published on the Faster Louder website later this week.

Meanwhile, the band have also done interviews in Tokyo with TV Tokyo and Inter FM.