Mike Bordin and Roddy Bottum spoke earlier this week to Mikey Cahill of Australia’s Herald Sun and Hit Australia and the wide-ranging interview was published online this morning.

The article is replete with juicy quotes from the guys and here is just a selection:

There came a point in the touring when we became sick of playing the same songs. We were backstage at the end of the reunion shows, looking at each other — not to sound corny — we were appreciating what we were in each other’s lives and it felt like a necessary step to take,” keyboardist Roddy Bottum says.

“Billy (Gould, bassist and producer) really pushed that step forward, the rest of us we’re like ‘(grimaces) Mmmmyeah we coooo-ooould …’ then the rest came on board.”

“It was like building a house, you need a foundation, you need to frame it. Throughout the history of the band the songs have started with bass and drums. That’s why we sound different to bands who start with a guitar riff. Bill said to me: ‘I’ve got some stuff, you should listen to it, how do you feel about that?’ I’m like ‘Bring it man’ (respectful tone). Bill also has that relationship with Mike. It’s like a game of musical telephone, y’know what I mean?”
Mike Bordin

Having had it under wraps for so long resulted in a lot of common good for the project. It’s a sombre tone as I said. The themes revolve around who we are and where we come from and what we started off doing. It’s a very introspective record. We just did the sequencing, it works well in a way other Faith No More records do, having these highs and lows back to back,” Bottum opines.

I don’t mean to sound like Kanye West,” Bordin interjects, “but as an old dude who’s been doing it for a while, this band still stimulates the hell out of me. I need to be on my toes, I better bring my A-Game or they’ll slaughter me. That’s what’s super cool about this process, we know we’re gonna give it both barrels. It’s a gift.”