Metallica lineup confirmed

The full lineup for Sonisphere Italy has now been confirmed. Meshuggah, Gojira, We Are Harlot and Hawk Eyes will join the San Francisco giants Metallica and Faith No More on the bill for the one-day event on 2 June in Milan.

Multilingual Evidence

A trademark labour of love from fnm4ever  – Evidence in 5 languages across the universe and across time. Kudos for how well this was put together:

FNM in New Zealand art

Some wonderful artwork here from Leon Taylor. FNM as they were at WestFest:

WestFest photos

Also from WestFest, a very nice gallery from 13th Floor.

Another Epic remix

This one from Widebeach is worth more than the one listen:

 Superhero at noon

The Noonday Tune is Superhero. Check out the site here.