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3004, 2015

Ipecac launch #Sol Invictus countdown with social media promo

April 30th, 2015|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

The countdown is on in earnest. Ipecac have just launched a Twitter and Instagram Sol Invictus viral campaign here.


3004, 2015

Links for a Day…(vol. 167): Sol Invictus reviews in four languages special

April 30th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News, Sol Invictus reviews|0 Comments

We don’t live in an anglophone world so here’s a round-up of Faith No More reviews and news in all languages.

Sludgelord waxes lyrical

But we will start in English. The Sludgelord site has give the album a well-written and overwhelmingly positive review. Here are some extracts but the piece is well worth a good read in its entirety.

“‘Sol Invictus’ is an album that only Faith No More could have produced. Unique and flavoursome, it bastardises and mutilates a plethora of styles and moods, moulding them to the shape of their own distinct musical mantra.”

“As a collective they are forever unpredictable. They slap you in the face when you expected a kick in the balls, they’ll drop a punchline just as anger bubbles uncontrollably out of your throat.”

“What’s most impressive about ‘Sol Invictus’ is how the band are able to resonate every mood, style and aesthetic that makes up this most complex of mosaic sounds without every letting the momentum slip.”

“You could sit and list every element of spectacle about this album, every moment that grips you vice-like – such is the attention to detail here. But all you really need to know is this: ‘Sol Invictus’ sounds like Faith No More and no one else. “

Russian rave review

Russian Rolling Stone has already given the record full marks and another Russian site Musical Express has given an equally positive review. They say in Google-translated English:

“Sol Invictus is an amazing record. Actually Sol Invictus is a gift in the first place because, strictly speaking, there is no difference between it and the FNM’s old work – in the best sense. On the album, framed at the edges by two gloomy, but not particularly heavy tracks, there is all that the FNM love and that intelligent fans of the underground love: Patton hitting booming choruses, complex composition and a dense meaty sound. The best Track – the 6-minute monster Matador – is all Faith No More at it’s best, where insinuating deceptive introduction suddenly explodes through a powerful bass, drums, guitar cannonade, symphonic keyboards and the reincarnation of the Mad Mike’s Mephistopheles and back.”

Spain and Greece reviews

It says a lot about the high praise the album has been receiving that a 7.5/10 and two 8/10 reviews come as a surprise. Only 7.5? Spanish culture site Hipersonica states from the outset that the album is pure Faith No More and argues that while it does not have the diversity of previous albums such as King for a Day.. or the funky rage of Angel Dust it shares more in common with the latter. The review adds:

” There is an almost total absence of proper singles, but every song ends establishing a strong bond with its predecessor and the one that follows, giving the feeling of being in a disc that stands more as a whole more than its separate parts.”

Of Matador, the reviewer states:

“And every return to that song becomes more dramatic, more full of magic and completely overwhelming.”

Meanwhile, Greece’s RockHard – not to be confused with France’s RockHard below – gives a 7.5/10 and a 8/10 review.

Rock Hard CD featuring Superhero

I haven’t tracked down the new issue of New Noise with Faith No More on the cover but I did get my hands on Rock Hard which has Superhero on its cover-mount CD.
The magazine will also feature an interview with the band in its next issue. The album has also found its way to the magazine’s reviewers, featuring highly in some individual playlists.


Visions magazine cover

(via FNM Followers)
German magazine Visions features that now almost ubiquitous band plus cats image as their latest cover. And the magazine features interviews with Bill Gould and Mike Patton.
You can actually read the full magazine  – in German – in minute form here.

3004, 2015

Faith No More confirm first ever Colombia date

April 30th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|0 Comments

Faith No More have announced another new September date. The band will be playing Bogota, Colombia on 18 September.

It is the group’s first ever concert in Colombia – and only their second South American concert outside Brazil, Chile and Argentina.
Here’s the promo video from promoters Move


Tickets will be on sale through Tuboleta but the concert is not yet listed there.

3004, 2015

The Skinny gives Faith No More Sol Invictus a five-star review

April 30th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Sol Invictus reviews|0 Comments

Another day, another five-star review for Faith No More’s comeback album Sol Invictus.


This time influential Scottish website The Skinny has awarded the album top rating and the now customary – if short – panegyric. They say:

“Hell-bent on reaching higher than before (rather than pissing on their life’s work), trust these perennial non-conformists to creep back in to the fray with a lofty album title that conjures the same smirking self-awareness that always made them dangerous.”

“Passionate, hungry and still hearteningly uncompromising; this is the real thing. “

2904, 2015

Faith No More to headline Seattle’s Bumbershoot festival

April 29th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|8 Comments

Faith No More’s first US festival appearance of 2015 has been confirmed. The band will play the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle on 6 September.

The event, which began in 1971 and draws more than 100,000 attendees over Labor Day weekend, will have two main stages, at Memorial Stadium and KeyArena.

The Melvins also feature on the bill on the same day and tickets are already on sale at the festival website.

Check here for tickets and more info

Via FNM Followers

2904, 2015

Argentina’s Gravedad Zero’s stunning review for Sol Invictus – plus author interview

April 29th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Sol Invictus reviews|2 Comments

Gravedad Zero, the Argentinean lifestyle and extreme sports magazine, has given Sol Invictus a brilliant review. As well as a brief translation of the review – reproduced below, we have also spoken to the review author and friend of the site Adriano Mazzeo on Sol Invictus, interviewing the band and gives a great insight into Faith No More in South America.

The review

For those now fluent in Spanish, Adriano has helped out with a translation of the conclusion his own especially for us here at FNM 2.0:

…”So this unexpectedly concludes the discographical comeback of Faith No More. Perplexing and great as usual, Sol Invictus shows once more every iota of its twisted personality: if in the past they did wonderful things based on an explosive and spontaneous chemical, so those infallible muses are today enhanced with maturity. It seems that Faith No More did the album thinking about the capabilities of each as individuals and all as a group. That way to face the creative process results in a timeless work, grounded in the experience, competence and that groundbreaking spirit that fortunately continues full of life. You can only celebrate this return and ask for many more records like this.”

Interview with Adriano

Adriano is a huge Faith No More fan as well as being a leading music journalist and he has completed interviews recently with Bill Gould. We asked him some questions about the record, the interview and Faith No More.

You are also a Faith No More fan. Was it difficult to review the album objectively?
Well, not the easiest work to do, but the wideness of FNM’s music gives you the chance to analyze it from different points of view. Is not impossible to find rights and wrongs if you pay enough attention and take yourself out of the skin of a fan. Despite this, it is difficult to find low moments in an album like Sol Invictus, that is, in my opinion, simply brilliant. They faced the tremendous expectations of the fans and music industry and definitely win the match.

Do you think Faith No More have proved that they remain relevant in 2015?
Absolutely. Indeed, I think their music makes more sense today that back in time. Music , interesting music, music that is surrounding the borders of mainstream, became a lot more eclectic from the end of the 90s, maybe as a consequence of the legacy of artists like FNM, Fishbone, Primus or Living Colour to name a few. I think FNM in 2015 will act like a band who will make their fans feel younger and at the same time, in some way, they’ll work as sort of a “new big thing” for certain young people.

What is your favourite song on the album and why?
I don’t have a favorite, sincerely. But I know the peak moment of the album is when distorsion starts in “Cone Of Shame” with Patton screaming like a monster and doing an energetic soul phrase one second after. There’s a song that catch my attention particularly: “Rise Of The Fall”, maybe the strangest one. And, yes, “Matador” is such perfect masterpiece. But all songs work perfectly together.

You recently interviewed Bill Gould for forthcoming interviews in Rolling Stone and Rock Axis?
Yes. I made an in-depth interview with Bill for Chile’s Rockaxis (it will be the cover story) and in other occasion a smaller one for Rolling Stone Argentina.

When can we expect to see these published?
In a few days! May 1st.

Any interesting revelations that you can share as a preview?
They were some great chats as usually happened with Bill. We were talking and discussing the Sol Invictus creative process but also other topics like his job in Koolarrow (that is something really interesting for me), some old skool FNM questions, mainstream music and the meaning of what FNM means to him. A lot of great information there!

Faith No More are particularly popular in South America. Can you explain why?
Well, I think there is a magical event that defines this: their tour of the summer of 1991. They played Rock In Rio and then the Viña Del Mar Festival in Chile. Two of biggest music festivals of the region, at that time. Their performances were unforgettable for different reasons. As a community of FNM fans, I think everyone of you saw the shows at Quinta Vergara. It was some groundbreaking event for a country like Chile, in their situation at the time. Then in Argentina we had the luck of having them that same year but in a second tour in August. That was the first time I’ve been to a Faith No More concert, and also the first time I attended a show! That was crazy, not many bands visited us by the time and EVERYBODY was at the shows (there were two dates). People with Mötley Crüe, Metallica and Motorhead t-shirts, new romantics, punks, alternatives, goths, etc. That audience was like a symbol of the FNM sound. So diverse and eclectic. It wasn’t a violent concert exactly, but there were some kind of tension in the air. It was weird to have all these urban tribes mixed in one place, you know? And when the guys were asked by the crowd to play “War Pigs” and they decided to play “Easy” instead, things got weird! Ha! They also made jokes with “Surprise You’re Dead” attempting to play it but not starting it.

You also had a lot of people at Rock in Rio obviously awaiting to see headliners Guns N’Roses and discovering Faith No More sort of by accident. It was my case and some of my friends’ case. We were fans of Guns N’Roses but Faith No More changed our lives that day. But we discovered them when Rock in Rio was shown on TV. There was a special on Argentinean TV some months later and they played one song from each artist and

Well, we the Latin Americans fell in love with Faith No More the way the fell in love with us. When the band is in this part of the world, they act like locals. They cut their hair in local markets of Santiago, eat tons of meat and drink “mate” in Buenos Aires and enjoy the Brazilian culture as nationals.

2904, 2015

Links for a day…(vol. 166): Gold vinyl, Patton is All about the Bass and more

April 29th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|0 Comments

Gold vinyl update

Record Store UK have the limited edition Sol Invictus gold vinyl currently on sale.

Here’s what they say:

” Faith No More – ‘Sol Invictus’ very limited gold vinyl LP with full album download code.

This gold vinyl version is limited to just 750 copies in the UK and is only available to independent retailers such as ourselves.

This LP is released on Monday 18th May.

We are taking orders for this LP – guarantee your copy now!”

It is also listed but either out of stock or awaiting supply on other sites.

Tone Deaf rate Sol Invictus as album to watch out for

Australian site Tone Deaf has included Sol Invictus in its list of albums to get excited about in May. They say: “The world’s most paradoxical band finally returns after an 18-year wait to unleash another metric ton of “WTF?” and it will be glorious.”

FNM4Ever deliver classic All About the Bass video

The ever innovative FNM4ever site has put together a brilliant Instagram mashing-up Mike Patton’s All About the Bass snippet and the, er, real thing.

Here is the original video – brought to you once more by lullysuv

More FNM4ever – Faith No More in Chile Metalgate documentary

FNM4ever have also recently uploaded a clip of Faith No More’s appearance in the Metalgate documentary which looks back on their almost notorious 115 Monster of Rock appearance in the country.

The video is also part of a brilliant piece on the FNM4ever blog on the 20th anniversary of King for a day..Fool for a Lifetime.

Faith No More on cover of Polish music magazine

Yet another magazine cover for Faith No More as they feature on the cover of Poland’s Teraz Rock. (via FNMFollowers). The issue features an interview with Mike Bordin.

Faith No More on cover of French magazine

And Faith No More are also on the cover of the French music magazine New Noise, which hit kiosks in France yesterday. We hope to get our hands on a copy of this soon in Geneva.




2904, 2015

Bill and Roddy talk Sol Invictus in in-depth Cuepoint feature

April 29th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Sol Invictus reviews|0 Comments

Cuepoint, the leading music magazine on Medium, has just published an in-depth feature on Faith No More’s return and Sol Invictus which features quotes from both Roddy Bottum and Bill Gould.

2015-04-29 09_33_51-Cuepoint — Medium

It’s a tremendous piece of work, very music in the US long-read music journalism style so any snippets inevitably lose something out of context but here are a few choice cuts in any case:

“Billy: ““I brought the song ‘Matador’ to people and they liked it,” he said. “It’s one of the things that kind of opened the door. I think what happened [is Bordin] and I went into our rehearsal room. I had all my recording gear there. We mic’ed up the drums and started making some sounds. It was very natural and it sounded good enough that we looked at each other like, ‘We can make an album here.’”

“This hasn’t been an outfit, though, that has been historically interested in retreading ground. The closest any song in the Faith No More canon ever got to wallowing in nostalgia was maybe The Real Thing’s “Edge of the World.” It’s an old-school jazzy torch song. About a pedophile. “Kindergarten,”off Angel Dust, is literally about the futility of living in the past. Proustian, they are not.”

“Gould scoffs at the idea that just because you get older you need to stop rocking your ass off, but this album does feel different than the ones that came before it. There’s still menace, but it’s more contained. The Lynchian juxtapositions of ugliness pushing up against a kind of surface beauty give more benefit of the doubt to the beautiful this time around.”

““We’re just kind of discovering this thing,” Gould said. “We don’t have an endgame. It’s working right now, and we’re just going with it. I’d like to discover what happens.”





2904, 2015

Another 5-star review for Faith No More’s Sol Invictus

April 29th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Sol Invictus reviews|0 Comments

The eulogistic early reviews for Faith No More’s comeback album Sol Invictus continue with UK site Mosh/Hit the Floor penning a virtual paean to the band’s first album in 18 years in their 5-star review.

” This album ticks all the boxes, it’s crazy, it oozes schizophrenia, it has delicious melodies. Just when you think you have worked out what this album is, it will completely change into a whole different monster.

“…Faith No More are not only back but they have lost nothing of what made them special. They have maybe, dare I say it, improved.”

” A new standard has been set and once again Faith No more, the crazy uncle of alternative have set that standard.”


2804, 2015

Metal Hammer give Sol Invictus a 9/10 review

April 28th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Sol Invictus reviews|4 Comments

As we reported via Devil PR last week, Metal Hammer have given Faith No More‘s comeback album Sol Invictus a 9/10 review and the review has now been published.

Here are the best bits but its worth picking up the mag or subscribing for the free articles to read in full:

“Scorchers abound. Hurtling tempos cast the breathtaking Superhero into a storm of buzzsaw riffs and Mike’s throat-shredding howls, while Cone Of Shame opens at high noon in a spaghetti western, adorned with echoey guitars and a baleful spoken-word passage, converging in a siege of concussive rhythms that drop like sledgehammers. Separation Anxiety pits Mike’s unhinged falsetto against rapid-fire lyrics, as brooding rhythms gather and erupt into the neckbreaking beatdown of the chorus. ”

“Time and again they demonstrate a capacity for crafting chest-beating, anthemic hooks that bands like the Foo Fighters could only hope to write, and yet rather than release the full-on mainstream hit of which they are capable, FNM embed these interludes within slow-burning forays of experimentalism.”

“Sol Invictus stands easily on its own, rising shoulder to shoulder with the very best of the band’s catalogue – a thrilling, ambitious and multidimensional voyage that grows progressively more satisfying with each successive spin. Brilliant. FINAL VERDICT: 9/10”

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