Some more great interviews this week as the countdown until Sol Invictus continues.

Bill interview for Israeli blog

Bill has opened up in a very revealing and informative interview with Israeli blog Machine Music.
I urge you to read the interview in full as it might be the best of the many interviews the band have done so far promoting the album. Knowledgeable interviewer + trusting and honest and engaging interviewee + different questions = great interview.
Here are some choice excerpts:

I never had a problem with recording an album, making an album, the idea of an album, right? I mean, I always write music, so I write music and I write music with the band, that was never such a weird thing. I think what happened was that we started recording in our rehearsal room, to mics and preamps and some stuff, just to see if we could get and how it would sound, because we’re there anyway, and it started sounding pretty good so we kept going. But, it was also done in a way that it wasn’t the most scientific of environments, so, it was kind of trying to find a way to make a rehearsal room sound good. So to make an album from a rehearsal from, that took a little bit of doing, that took a little of, let’s just say, improvisation. Then, you know, the way we’ve always worked with Mike is that we’ve always kind of come with the music first and he’s done the vocals second. So after the music was together, he had to kind of get to his parts.

Also what I thought was kind of interesting is that when we announced we were making a new album it was announced on Rolling Stone in the States, and they’ve never really been big supporters of us, and we were unsure if we wanted to have a streaming track through Rolling Stone, and we decided to do it, and they go a massive massive response that they didn’t see, and we didn’t see coming. And I think that what that kind of told me was, “Well, there’s a lot of people really interested in us doing something,” and one of the reasons was that we’re a band that’s kind of doing things on our own, aמd not reading charts and trying to see what’s popular, trying to conform to something to sell, and we’re just one of those bands that’s using their gut feeling to do stuff, that there’s a need for people to listen to a band that does that.

Before, back in the day, we never had that much interest. Nobody really wanted to hear about our new record as much as they do now. So, that’s pretty cool, but actually with all the time that has gone by I think that we feel like the same band. We feel that way with each other, and we’re doing the same thing we did 20 years ago. Feels the same.

Revolver interview now available

Bill also refers to the Revolver interview in that interview, saying that the new album germination was not as painstaking as it was painted in the magazine article:
“What really happened was that we all, all of us, when we decided to get back together it was kind of like everybody had to be into it, and if not everybody was into it, it wasn’t going to happen. And it was the same with this record. When we were all 100% cool to do it, we did it. They way he put that, it sounded very painstaking and I thought that was weird to read.”
Whatever about that aspect, the Revolver interview is nonetheless a great read and comes complete with some great photos. The magazine is available to buy online and in stores.

Guitar Center competition

Leading trade magazine Guitar Center has launched an incredible Faith No More competition. You can win a VIP trip to a Faith No More concert and a signed Mike Bordin snare drum.

Roddy interview with Huck magazine

Roddy – not content with debuting his first ever opera yesterday – also took time out to speak to Huck magazine about Sol Invictus.
In it he states: “We’ve made a record, we’re working together and it all feels like we’re back to where we were. It’s been really exciting because we haven’t put anything out for such a long time and now we’re releasing a record. It’s weird because all of a sudden it’s out there and people’s expectations are high.”

Roddy’s opera launches in Brooklyn

Faith No More bass player Roddy Bottum is now also opera composer Roddy Bottum after his Sasquatch opera debuted in Brooklyn on 1 April.
No reviews or reports have reached us yet but congratulations to Roddy.


 No album delay

We resisted the temptation for an April Fools’ Day post yesterday but Metal Underground got in with a credible tale of Sol Invictus being delayed. Not true.

Faith No More at Eurockéennes festival in France was an April Fool

As we expected the report that Faith No More are to be added to the lineup for iconic French festival Eurockéennes in early July was a poisson avril.

Superhero reviewed in Clash magazine

Clash magazine have given Superhero a good review in their singles round-up: ” Their sound has developed to stand it’s ground in the landscape of the music scene in 2015, but it’s not completely different, it’s still a classic sounding, raucous rock record.”

Superhero is BBC 6 Music Breakfast Show Record of the Week

The UK’s leading indie/alternative/ageing hipster radio station of choice BBC 6 Music‘s Breakfast Show has Superhero as its Record of the Week this week.