Bill speaks to The Stranger

Another great new interview has landed today, with Bill Gould speaking to Seattle site The Stranger. (via FNM4Ever)
As always, here are some of the best bits:

What’s the song “Motherfucker” about? Who’s the motherfucker?
Roddy wrote it. I think it has to do with taking responsibility for people who think they own us. And calling them motherfucker [laughs]. It’s accountability. Looking back at us as a band years ago, we were put on this treadmill. We did it to ourselves, too, by not knowing any better. We were 18 and 19 years old when we started, and we didn’t question certain things. But we were being manipulated a little bit.

Talk about the sounds on Sol Invictus. You all are hurling marble slabs. Sounds huge.
The fidelity is actually not ideal. We didn’t have a control room or isolation rooms. Everything was all in the same room. There are lots of artifacts you get with that. Not technically good or perfect. But you’re getting a real room, and instruments in that room that have a character and a vibe. It was unscientific, but it has feel. To me, it doesn’t feel like it’s done in some sterile recording studio, and that’s kinda the point.

Mike Bordin interview with Beatroute

And drummer Mike “Puffy” Bordin has also again spoke about the album, this time with Canadian site Beatroute.
First up, the interviewer gives the best description we have yet hard of the album:
“The result is the 10-track Sol Invictus, which fits strongly within their discography yet will undoubtedly (and perhaps inversely) challenge listeners due to its fluidity: all told, it’s less erratic than previous material. From the crescendo piano laden cheerleader-esque call and response intro in “Superhero,” to the creeping, military-esque rattle in “Cone of Shame” and the Spanish style flamenco music in “Rise Of the Fall,” to the joyous pop preen of album closer “From the Dead,” it’s a thoroughly mature record.”

Mike meanwhile states: ““Certainly everyone will find something they hate, they don’t like, they do like. Like you said, it’s schizophrenic, it’s all over the place, it’s ADD. It’s pushing the remote control”.

Vote Faith No More

The Kerrang! awards are sure to be dominated by Higher than Horizon, New Time Veil and We Are Something but its a free-form vote so you can vote for Faith No More for best single, album, act etc. The shortlist will be announced in May and the awards take place on 11 June (when Faith No More should be in the UK). More details here.

Guitar Planet review Superhero

Guitar Planet gave Superhero a fine review in a comeback special (even if they are a little critical of the production):
“Superhero” is perhaps the best possible result: a grand theatrical slap of unstable insomnia. The band’s idiosyncrasies are not only present, but feel sincere and not remotely phoned in. Mike Patton is still crazy after all of these years and Faith No More are showcasing a level of ambition that today’s most revered metal stars dare not match.”

Years and Years Faith No More fans

As spotted by FNM Followers, BBC Sound of 2015 winners Years and Years, who had a number one with King last month, seem to be Faith No More fans. Emre from the band sported an Angel Dust t-shirt when they were photographed with Katy Perry (Katy is more of a King for a Day.. fan by the way) recently. (It was not a one-off as mentioned in this review of a Glasgow gig)