Faith No More’s Sol Invictus is now at 63 in the overall Amazon UK music charts more than a month ahead of its release.

The CD version of the album has now been 19 days in the top 100 on the UK chart. The vinyl version has now spent 21 days in the charts and is currently at number 27. The MP3 version has yet to make an impact and is 3,886 in the UK.


Meanwhile, on (US) the album is number 159 overall and number 3 in hard rock.

The MP3 version is number 307 in albums and  number 67 in rock albums.

On (Germany) Sol Invictus is number 182 in music and number 8 in Alternative and Indie, 8 in Metal and Hardrock
and 42 in Rock.

In the album is 107 in Music.

iTunes charts

Sol Invictus is also showing a surge on iTunes. Most notably in Ireland where it has jumped up to number 13 in the rock album charts and 92 in the overall charts after briefly touching 77 earlier.


The album is faring even better in Norway where it is now at 19 in the overall iTunes album chart and number 5 in rock. Superhero is also number 18 in Rock songs in Norway.

And Sol Invictus is also number 73 in the UK iTunes Rock album charts and 47 in the US rock album charts on iTunes and number 40 in the same chart in Germany. And the album is 23 in the rock albums chart in Brazil and 188 overall.