Excuse the clickbait headline as this is clearly an interview with Bill Gould in the Vancouver Sun ahead of Faith No More’s tour opener on Wednesday 15 May.

But it also effectively serves as a review of Sol Invictus. Here are some excerpts:

Sol Invictus picks up where the band left off: In uncharted territory.

Close to two decades later, Patton’s vocal range has lowered considerably, giving him a booming, gravelly Leonard Cohen edge.

Production on Sol Invictus was helmed by Gould and strongly emphasizes clean piano melodies layered with hard-driving guitars. A few songs have a gothic saloon vibe (Sol Invictus, the tongue-in-cheek Sunny Side Up, Black Friday), which in turn evoke the concepts of sunrise, breakfast, and financial collapse and recovery — again, death and rebirth.

“There are also subconscious nods to past works.

The omnipresent piano recalls the key-laden moments from Angel Dust, while the opening chord to second single Superhero closely replicates the opening blast of Epic. It’s also the second song on Sol Invictus in the same way that Epic was the second track on The Real Thing.”