Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum had spoken to Vancouver paper The Province ahead of the band beginning their North American tour bow in the BC city tomorrow night.


In the short piece Roddy speaks about the recording return, the varied tastes of the group and the new album. He states: “As much as the next fan, I usually find groups that meant something to me in the past reforming and recording again can be cringe-inducing and I’m a bit scared to go there. But we came back with something that I’m really happy with. We’re not really concerned with the financial end of things but are all really serious about the music we’re making.”

And interviewer Stuart Derdeyn also describes the album in snippets:
“As ever, the 10 tracks run the gamut of searing metal, funk rock, quirky psychedelia and no rap-rock.” 

“Sol Invictus actually moves away from synthesizers and focuses on piano in tracks such as arena chant Sunny Side Up or thrashy Black Friday.”