Faith No are the cover stars for the latest issue of Kerrang! which goes on sale today.

The feature is made up primarily of interviews with Mike Patton and Bill Gould. Here are some more choice quotes different to the FNM Followers own collection of choice quotes.

Mike Patton: “I’m sure you could pull up all sorts of quotes from me where I’m saying “We’ll never make another record again”. But you know circumstances change. And it’s nice to be wrong: it’s nice to admit when you’re wrong. And I was wrong! I did not know that this band had more statements in them. Believe me, I was as surprised as anyone when heard this music and I wanted to be a part of it.”

Bill Gould: “Even if the new record fails, I’m still a lot happier doing something creative and productive than i am just going to work and playing the old songs.”

Bill: “I haven’t made a Faith No More record that hasn’t been extremely difficult for me personally. It’s like a birth-giving process.”

And the interviewer Ian Winwood adds his voice to the chorus of (p)reviewers heaping praise on Sol Invictus: “Sol Invictus takes all that was good about the musical high points from the past – the power, the combustibility, the sense of constant pressure and tension – and reframes them in a manner befitting both 2015 and a quintet in their late-40s and early-50s.”


Here are some screen shots: